Russia risks crossing point of no return, say ECR Co-Chairmen Legutko and Fitto

In response to Russia’s unilateral recognition of the Donbas region, ECR Co-Chairmen Prof Ryszard Legutko (Poland) and Raffaele Fitto (Italy) have condemned Russia's actions in the strongest possible terms.

Prof Legutko said:

“Russia continues to escalate the conflict. Now, the West must not allow itself any further appeasement or weakness and impose drastic sanctions, which must also include the immediate end for Nord Stream 2.

“We demand that Russia immediately and unconditionally ceases all aggressive actions and withdraws all troops from the territory of Ukraine, including Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

“It is quite obvious that the Kremlin will not stop at violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity and breaking international law. We can expect further aggression and provocation from Russia alone. The time for playing patience games is now over.”

Mr Fitto added:

“The Kremlin’s decision to unilaterally recognise the separatist republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, following the Duma resolution a few days ago, violates international law and could represent a dangerous point of no return in the Ukrainian crisis.

“It is an act that should be condemned without any ifs or buts. It is time for the European Union and the entire international community to show a strong and united front and to act firmly against by Moscow’s actions. At the same time, it is essential in the coming hours not to fall into dangerous reactionary fouls, but to continue working to pursue a diplomatic solution to the crisis. A solution that must have as its priority the respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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