The ECR Group aims for a different approach to the Conference on the Future of Europe

The ECR Group in the European Parliament has raised its concerns regarding the approach being taken to the Conference of Europe as the group calls for a less federalist agenda. It is important to discuss the Future of Europe, and how Europe can deal with current and future challenges.

In response to the European Commission’s proposal for a Conference on the Future of Europe, which will undoubtedly seek to advance this centralising agenda, the ECR Group proposes a positive, middle way between more Europe and no Europe: A new hope for Europe’s Future.

ECR Co-Chairman Ryszard Legutko states:

“With the overthrow of soviet oppression in the late 1990s, we had the opportunity to build a united Europe of sovereign states across the whole continent. But instead, Europe started to lose its way through over-centralisation and bureaucracy.

“Respect for national traditions and diversity was replaced by an obsession with enforcing a single ideological viewpoint and a one-size-fits-all approach. So our idea is to stimulate a new debate, to offer a new hope for Europe, to discuss ways we can put our national democracies back at the heart of the European idea.”

We want to consider better ways of cooperation, often described as a form of confederal association, that will save Europe from the clutches of a federalist ideology that risks losing all the gains made by sovereign national democracies working together over many years as equal partners for the common good.

“The competences of the EU institutions must be clearly defined and their powers should remain limited. It is necessary to break with Jean Monnet’s anti-political and anti-democratic method, according to which integration continues to move forward in an uncontrolled way as a side-effect of economic decisions. It is true: we need more Europe, but we need less Union. The Union cannot expand spontaneously its competences”, notes President of the ECR Institutional Policy Working Group, Zdzisław Krasnodębski MEP.

This is the reason why the ECR Group has launched its European tour on the Future of the European Union in December 2020. The tour takes the form of a series of live broadcasts from 15 European capitals, in which citizens of our Member States are consulted. The ECR Group wants to show that there may be a new direction for this Europe, a direction different from the one told by the Brussels mainstreaming.

The ECR Group is calling on the European Commission to consider better ways of cooperation between our nations within a community of European states - to rebuild a European Union that is a looser confederal association of nation-states acting together.

ECR Co-Chairman Raffaele Fitto concludes: “We want a Europe which recognises its common roots, but at the same time respects and values ​​the different identities and peculiarities. We want a community of free and sovereign states who cooperate with each other, creating the conditions for a future of prosperity and security for their citizens.”

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