The ECR Group calls for a more diversified approach of the Farm to Fork Strategy

In a joint meeting of the Committee on Agriculture and the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, ECR Shadow Rapporteur for the Committee on Agriculture Mazaly Aguilar called for a more diversified approach of the Farm to Fork Strategy.

It is the view of the ECR Group that the Farm to Fork Strategy is too focused on ‘farm’, while the ‘fork’ aspects have been overlooked. The responsibility for the transformation needs to be spread across all elements of the food supply chain, not just agriculture. The strategy should not focus on one specific farming model but on how to promote the sustainability of the entire sector which is very diverse and heterogeneous across Europe.

ECR Shadow Rapporteur Aguilar comments:

“A solid strategy on agriculture, food and sustainability is necessary. However, the strategy presented by the Commission is far from responding to the needs of the agricultural sector, consumers and the environment.

“The main objective should be that all agriculture, regardless of its production model, can improve its profitability and its environmental contribution. It is a big conceptual error to think that the only model that can provide solutions to the sustainability of agriculture is the ecological one.

“We want the Strategy to be an opportunity for farmers and not just a green threat to increase bureaucracy, reduce productivity and boost the abandonment of rural areas. Therefore, we call on the European Commission to tackle less ambitious and more realistic goals; more innovation and technology; consumers’ trust; and a fair and balanced trade.”

The ECR Group is of the opinion that the Commission must conduct an impact assessment of the legislative proposals that will follow the strategy, including the economic impact. The differences in farming conditions across Europe are huge and many farmers already use sustainable methods. When the European Commission later drafts the legislative proposals, it needs to remember that one size does not fit all. The measures must be well considered and targeted to improve our food security.

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