The ECR Group welcomes that the new CAP will continue to contribute to farmers’ incomes

With negotiators having reached a political agreement on the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2023-2027, the ECR Group welcomes that the new CAP will continue to contribute to farmers' incomes, while 25% of the budget will be ringfenced for eco-schemes.

“Ensuring viability of farming in Europe is of crucial importance for our food security. This package offers room for tailor-made solutions. It is now up to the member states to implement this in a workable way and to ensure simplification”, says ECR Shadow Rapporteur Bert-Jan Ruissen.

The ECR Group has advocated for greater flexibility to take into account local circumstances and provide attractive remuneration for eco-schemes. “Farmers must be rewarded for any additional efforts made. These payments must provide an incentive beyond costs incurred and income foregone. This is in the package.”

The ECR Group has stressed that continued focus of the policy on the needs of young farmers is paramount for the future of farming in Europe. Member states will need to allocate at least 3% of the budget to encourage young farmers to start a business.

“Our efforts to ensure the right balance between economic and ecological sustainability must continue, because farmers’ incomes are still under huge pressure.”

“As regards the set-aside obligations, I am glad we managed to include the use of catch crops and nitrogen-fixing crops in line with the current rules. Taking out fertile land from food production can have a huge cost. It is important that farmers are allowed to contribute to soil biodiversity in this way”, says Ruissen.

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