The ECR Group will oppose over-reaching measures to reform the EU’s climate change strategy

Ahead of a crucial vote on the European Climate Law report by the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety on Thursday, 10 September, the European Conservatives and Reformists Group is concerned that the report makes changes to the Commission’s initial proposals, turning it into a Treaty-like act. The ECR Group also has serious reservations about the potential detrimental socio-economic effects that the Climate Law - in its current, significantly redrafted form - could have on European citizens' lives and livelihoods.

The ECR encourages a responsible debate on the future of Europe’s climate, economies, and industries. There is no time to waste. Yet raising the EU’s emissions targets for 2030 to 60% or even 65% before our recently agreed goals have been set and implemented, or moreover, before the Impact Assessment has been completed, decidedly sends the wrong message to businesses and ignores the concerns of communities and workers whose livelihoods are set to change dramatically as a result. Despite half-hearted assurances otherwise, this does not take into consideration the different starting points of Member States – especially when attempting to change the climate neutrality objective for 2050 from EU level to Member State level, ignoring the last two Council conclusions, nor does it ensure the changes will be implemented in the spirit solidarity, which is a core EU value.

MEP Anna Zalewska, ECR shadow rapporteur, said:

“The EU can have all the ambition in the world, but the ECR will only support the Green Deal if it delivers policies that are credible and achievable. It will all be for nothing unless we find a way that can actually deliver this agenda, including properly funding this green transition in the communities and sectors set to be the most affected.

“The European Climate Change Report was meant to have a simple remit; however, this has been stretched as what was meant to be a proposal for framework legislation now more closely resembles an expansive Treaty.

“Member states have been greatly burdened by the recent health pandemic, and I fear that these proposals will impose aggressive and expensive deadlines for EU nations who need to prioritise the welfare of their citizens.

“The European Union must be ambitious in its plans to tackle climate change, yet this ambition must be matched with pragmatism and credible action. This report must act within its mandate and delivery reasonable policies which member states can put into action.”

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