“The West must help Moldova cut its ties with the Russian Federation”, urges Anna Fotyga

The ECR Group has voiced its strong support of Moldova's European aspirations.

In today’s debate in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the Group’s Foreign Affairs Spokeswoman Anna Fotyga (Poland) said: “For years, we have always supported Moldova’s path to a real European future and EU membership”. However, she also said, “I have to tell a difficult truth for us and for Moldova. To achieve the goal of EU membership, it is necessary to take the right action now, in this difficult, important time. To make fundamental changes in Moldova, we must help. We, the West, must help Moldova cut its ties with the Russian Federation”. As examples, she mentioned the areas of hydrocarbons, but also the financial sector. Fotyga also sees an opportunity for Moldova in the joint imposition of sanctions against Russia, of course with the help of the European Union.

Fotyga thanked the Moldovan Authorities and society for having warmly welcomed Ukrainian war refugees. She added that the ECR Group had always supported the country’s sovereignty and independence and that she is happy to see changes on the political scene, which bring the country closer to the European Union.

Since the fall of Moldovan oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc and the rise of President Maia Sandu’s pro-European party, the ECR has advocated closer relations and supported Moldova’s status as a candidate country. Since the presidential elections in 2020 and the parliamentary elections in 2021, the new government of Moldova has created an excellent political basis for progress in relations with the EU. The country has also submitted - together with Ukraine and Georgia - a formal application to join the EU. Moldova has signed an Association Agreement and a Deep and Comprehensive Trade Area Agreement with the EU.

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