Week Ahead: 26th - 30th November 2018

This week in the European Parliament, ECR MEPs debate the future of Europe with Danish PM Lars Rasmussen, work to improve confidence in pesticide approvals in the EU, push for the reintroduction of temporary border controls within Schengen, urge for more reforms in the Western Balkans in light of EU accession talks & more.

Future of Europe debate with Danish Prime Minister

On Wednesday MEPs will continue its series of debates with EU leaders on the Future of Europe with Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen. During the debate our MEPs will lead calls for an EU that does less but does it better and that moves away from a federalised model towards focussing on key areas such as border management, the migrant crisis, internal security, the single market and international trade, rather than seeking to replace national governments in all areas.

Reintroduction of border controls within Schengen

During the plenary session parliament will vote on rules aimed at governing the duration that a Member State can reintroduce border controls within the Schengen area. ECR shadow rapporteur Jussi Halla-Aho reaffirms that Member States are responsible for protecting their border security and wants to see the option to introduce temporary controls extended to two years (from one year under the Commission proposal), with the possibility for this to be extended for a further three years.

Improving confidence in pesticide approvals in the EU

New rules on the transparency and sustainability of pesticide testing will be put to the vote in the Environment Committee on Tuesday. The proposals, which amend the EU’s General Food Law Regulation and follow a European Citizens Initiative on glyphosate, attempt to address concern related the transparency, objectivity and reliability of the risk assessments used in the evaluation of pesticides to be placed on the EU market.

Western Balkans progress reports

MEPs will debate a series of reports reviewing the progress made towards possible EU accession by Serbia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. ECR foreign affairs spokesman Charles Tannock’s is the parliament’s rapporteur on Montenegro and his report recognises progress in the country but highlights the need for further reforms in areas such as the judiciary and media freedom.

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