European Tour on the Conference on the Future of Europe

The ECR Group in the European Parliament launched the European tour on the Future of the European Union in December 2020. The tour takes the form of a series of live broadcasts from 15 European capitals, in which citizens of European Member States are consulted.

The Conference on the Future of Europe, announced by the President of the European Commission, is a challenge for all European political movements that do not share the Federalist vision. The so-called pro-European federalists claim that the future is either ‘more Europe or no Europe’.

The ECR Group does not believe in extremes. There is a middle ground. It is time to restore the ideal of a Europe that respects the sovereignty of our national democracies. It is time to rebuild our community of European states – a Europe of mutual respect, cooperation and solidarity. It is time for a new hope for Europe.

The Group aims to show that a new way can save Europe from the clutches of a federalist ideology; an ideology that risks rolling back all the progress made by sovereign, national democracies working together over many years as equal partners for the common good.

More information on the event will be shared across Social Media Channels and the campaign website: www.ecrthefuture.eu. Join us to #ResetEU

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