Liberal Conservative Reformists (Liberal-Konservative Reformer)

The Liberal Conservative Reformists Party calls for a European Union of variety, competition and the primacy of member states and therefore rejects the idea of a centralised European State and the concept of ‘ever closer union’. The Party is committed to the values of a social market economy, of which the freedom of the individual and the solidarity with persons in need are central elements. The party supports the abolishing of the Euro currency in its current form and an end to hidden public financing by the European Central Bank. It also emphasizes Western alignment with NATO and supports controlled immigration.

web // @LKR_Partei_Bund

Bernd Lucke


email // web // @BerndLucke

Free Voters (Freie Wähler)

Arne Gericke


email // web // @Arne_Gericke

Bündnis C - Christen für Deutschland (Alliance C. - Christians for Germany)

web // @BuendnisCinfo

German Independent MEPs

Bernd Kölmel

Member of the ECR Bureau

email // web // @Bernd_Koelmel

Hans-Olaf Henkel

ECR Vice-Chair, Member of the ECR Bureau

email // web // @HansOlafHenkel

Joachim Starbatty


email // web // @MdEP_Starbatty

Ulrike Trebesius

ECR Chief Whip, Member of the ECR Bureau

email // web // @TrebesiusMdEP

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