Partidul M10 (M10 Party)

Set up in June 2015 by anti-corruption fighter and former Minister of Justice Monica Macovei, M10 is a reformist center-right party that believes in a new way of doing politics based on competency, honesty and openness towards society. It advocates for democracy, free enterprise, private property, fair competition on the market, rule of law, independence of the judiciary and a supple, non-interventionist state.


Monica Macovei

Member of the ECR Bureau

email // web // @MonicaMacovei1

For Romania (Pro România)

The PRO Romania party was founded in 2017 as an alternative to the sluggish development of Romanian society. As a pro-business political party, it supports limiting state intervention in the economic, encouraging instead strategic investors, both national and foreign, who support the industrial reconstruction of the country and want to help Romania adapt to new technological standards. PRO Romania believes there should be a return to values, meritocracy, respect for professionalism and expertise and principles that can drive real change in society.

Laurențiu Rebega


email // web // @LaurRebega

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