Debate: Culture vs. War

On Thursday, ECR MEP Anna Fotyga will lead an insightful debate titled 'Culture vs. War,' exploring the dual role of culture as both a means of aggression and a powerful tool of resistance.

The discussion holds significance as the second anniversary of Russia’s full scale invasion of Ukraine approaches.

The event will be held on Thursday 22 February in room SPAAK 6B54 @ 14:00.

List of speakers:

  • Host: Anna Fotyga, MEP, Poland
  • Vsevolod CHENTSOV, Ambassador, Head of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU
  • Alina KRASNIANSKA, Executive producer of the ‘Culture vs War’ project
  • Prof Andrzej NOWAK, Jagiellonian University and the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Prof Jerome SHERIDAN, Director of American University in Brussels, Professor of International Relations
  • Akhtem SEITABLAEV, Ukrainian actor, screenwriter and film director
  • Inga LEVI, Ukrainian artist
  • Yona TUKUSER, Ukrainian-Bulgarian artist
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