Week Ahead 15 - 19 April 2024

Event: Towards a water resilient Europe; Event: Quo Vadis, Trimarium? The Three Seas Initiative

12 April 2024

ECR to block vote in bid to stop energy tax hike and keep nuclear in the game

ECR Rapporteur Johan Van Overtveldt has decided not to put a highly controversial parliament position on the revision of the Energy Taxation Directive (ETD) to a vote in the last meeting of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee next Thursday.

12 April 2024

Week Ahead 8 - 12 April 2024

Introducing a more efficient screening regulation; Criminal records information system; Return border procedure; Unbalanced proposal on migration crises situations; Eurodac gets more effective; No need for a Union resettlement framework; Reforming the Qualification Directive; Reception standards for asylum seekers could still be improved; Powering up the European electricity market for the benefit of consumers; Faster processing of lorries at border crossings; Putin's presidential elections remain undemocratic; European Health Data Space (EHDS); Event: Youth and Sports in the EU – big promises meet reality.

5 April 2024

The European project can only succeed with a strong NATO

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) turns 75 tomorrow. Founded on 4 April 1949 to contain the aggressive expansionist policy of the Soviet Union, NATO is the greatest military political alliance in human history.

3 April 2024

Week Ahead 2 - 5 April 2024

Exchange of views on the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

2 April 2024

Week Ahead 22 March - 2 April

Green Weak; Easter Break

22 March 2024

ECR MEPs sign Charter of Values in Subiaco

ECR MEPs signed a Charter of Values in Subiaco, Italy, today, reaffirming core values of the conservative political family.

21 March 2024

ECR Group congratulates Prof Ryszard Legutko on winning the Hunyadi János Award

Ryszard Legutko has been awarded the prestigious Hunyadi János Award of the Hungarian Foundation for a Civic Hungary.

21 March 2024

Week Ahead 18- 22 March

Event: Rooted principles, stronger future - The heritage of Saint Benedict in the values of European conservatism; Event: A decade of occupation of Crimea - European security held hostage by Russian imperialism; Event: Nuclear - time to look again?

15 March 2024

Cristian Terhes: Russia must return cultural treasure

MEPs in Strasbourg today pointed out that Russia has been holding Romanian cultural artefacts since the First World War and called for their return in a resolution.

14 March 2024

New Euro 7 emission standards are a significant milestone for the automotive sector and industry

ECR Rapporteur Alexandr Vondra has described the new Euro 7 emissions standards as a "significant milestone for the automotive sector and industry, which has long been a cornerstone of innovation and economic prosperity in the EU."

13 March 2024

Procaccini: Finland’s centre-right government a model for Europe

Speaking at the 'This is Europe' debate in Strasbourg in the presence of Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, ECR Co-President Nicola Procaccini described the Finnish centre-right coalition as a working and constructive model for Europe.

13 March 2024