Week Ahead: 23 - 27 January 2023

The EU’s reaction to the US Inflation Reduction Act; New Euro 7 standards; Allegations of corruption and foreign interference; Commemoration of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day; Event: High-speed rail in Europe

20 January 2023

Russian leadership responsible for war of aggression cannot escape justice

The ECR Group strongly supports the proposal adopted today by the European Parliament to set up an international tribunal to punish those responsible for the criminal war of aggression against Ukraine.

19 January 2023

30 years of the single market - reason to celebrate, not to rest

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the single market. The single market has proven itself as the backbone of the EU economy and a project of peace and stability for the European continent. However, as a committed free-market group, the ECR sees that more needs to be done to secure Europe's prosperity for future generations, particularly in the area of services.

16 January 2023

Week Ahead: 16 - 20 January 2023

30th Anniversary of the Single Market; Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson presents Council Presidency priorities; The establishment of a tribunal on the crime of aggression against Ukraine; EU response to the protests and executions in Iran; Election of a new Vice-President of the European Parliament

13 January 2023

Week Ahead: 9 - 13 January 2023

Situation of Ukraine’s agricultural production and exports; Remembering Israeli terror victim Esther Horgen

6 January 2023

Week ahead: 19 - 23 December 2022

Green week

16 December 2022

Qatargate: Double standards can’t be tolerated

For the ECR Group, which co-signed the joint resolution on the handling of the Qatar bribery scandal, it is important that the European Parliament learns a serious lesson and improves its internal organisation and transparency.

15 December 2022

Kuźmiuk (ECR): Farmers must be able to make a profit

The ECR Group has supported an own-initiative report by the European Parliament to give rural areas better prospects.

13 December 2022

Tertsch (ECR): “An energy crisis is no time to introduce CBAM”

The ECR Group has expressed its concern over EU plans to impose a carbon levy on energy-intensive inputs from third countries such as cement, iron and steel, aluminium and fertilisers after the conclusion of the trilogue negotiations on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), despite multiple crises.

13 December 2022

Week Ahead: 12 - 16 December 2022

EU response to the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA); Preparation of the European Council meeting of 15 December; Awarding of the Sakharov Prize; Recognising Holodomor as genocide; Humanitarian situation in Ukraine due to Russia’s attacks on critical infrastructure and civilian areas; Protection of strategic infrastructure from China’s influence; EU-ASEAN relations; EU Association Agreement with Georgia; A long-term vision for the EU's rural areas; Prospects for the two-State solution for Israel and Palestine; Press Conference: Deteriorating health condition of former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili; Press Conference: Free Jeanine Áñez; Persecution of Christian communities in the Middle East

9 December 2022

Week Ahead: 5 - 9 December 2022

Recent demonstrations in China; Qatar: Addressing the limitations of religious freedom for Bahá’is and Christians

2 December 2022

If Parliament and Commission take up CoFoE initiatives, they serve an unrepresentative minority

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group has announced that it will continue not to participate in planned follow-up activities of the Conference on the Future of the Europe (CoFoE).

1 December 2022