10 – 14th November 2014 – Brussels


The environment committee will hold a second-reading vote on a legislative proposal to allow for national opt-outs from the cultivation of EU-authorised GMOs. ECR shadow rapporteur Julie Girling believes that, whilst the proposal sets an unfortunate precedent allowing for national bans on non-scientific grounds, the Council proposal is an acceptable solution as it allows Member States to first seek an exemption from the scope of authorisation before having to pursue bans which may be open to a legal challenge.

Press officer to contact: John Furbisher on +32 498 984760

Vote: Tuesday @ 09.00

Northern Ireland peace process

The European Commission will make a statement on the peace process in Northern Ireland, and MEPs will hold a debate and adopt a resolution. ECR Northern Ireland MEP James Nicholson will speak in the debate.

Press officer to contact: James Holtum on +32 473 861762

Debate: Wednesday afternoon (around 16.00)

Berlin Wall anniversary

The parliament will mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall with statements from political groups and the President of the Parliament. ECR Vice-President Hans-Olaf Henkel will speak for the ECR in the debate.

Press officer to contact: Tobias Teuscher on +32 498 984707

Debate: Wednesday @ 15.00

Passenger Name Records

The civil liberties committee will discuss proposals being led through the parliament by ECR justice and home affairs spokesman Timothy Kirkhope that would create a framework for the exchange of rudimentary data on air passengers entering the EU, both to assist in the fight against terrorism such as so-called foreign fighters, and to ensure that any data being exchanged is done so with strong protections and rights. The committee in the previous European Parliament rejected the proposals but EU governments have asked that they be agreed before Christmas, given the serious threat Europe faces from radicalised fighters returning to Europe from Iraq and Syria. The full parliament has asked the committee to look again at passing the proposal.

Press officer to contact: James Holtum on +32 473 861762

Debate: Tuesday

Palliative care

ECR MEPs Bastiaan Belder and Branislav Skripek will host a hearing looking at the international perspective on palliative care.

Press officer to contact: James Holtum on +32 473 861762

Hearing: Wednesday @ 16.30 in room A5E2

Court of Auditors

The full parliament will receive the Court of Auditors’ report on the EU’s 2013 accounts. The report, published last week, once again could not give the accounts an unqualified statement of assurance, with an error rate of 4.7 per cent. ECR Budgetary Control Spokesman Ryszard Czarnecki said that the 20th anniversary in which the accounts had not been given the green light should act as a wake-up call to the commission.

Press officer to contact: Katarzyna Ochman on +32 470 955928

Debate: Wednesday


For enquiries relating to the ECR Group, the Group Chairman or a national delegation not listed below:

James Holtum
ECR Group Spokesman
Rue Wiertz – ATR 07K 031
B – 1047 Brussels
Tel.: + 32 473 861762
E-mail: james.holtum@europarl.europa.eu

For enquiries relating to a national delegation of the group or its members:

UK delegation:
John Furbisher
Tel.: +32 498 984760
E-mail: john.furbisher@europarl.europa.eu

Polish delegation:
Katarzyna Ochman
Tel.: +32 470 955928
E-mail: katarzyna.ochman@europarl.europa.eu

German delegation:
Tobias Teuscher
Tel.: +32 475 864064
E-mail: tobias.teuscher@europarl.europa.eu

Belgian delegation:
Laurijn van Steenbergen
Tel.: +32 486 48 56 38
E-mail: laurijn.vansteenbergen@europarl.europa.eu

Czech delegation:
Jan Krelina
Tel.: +32 493 214346
E-mail: jan.krelina@europarl.europa.eu

Dutch delegation:
Maarten Van Der Fliert
Tel.: +31 652 24 44 64
E-mail: maarten.vandefliert@europarl.europa.eu


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