“A landmark moment for the development of EU news media and audiovisual policies”

Today, the European Parliament has adopted an initiative aiming to bolster the EU's media sector.

19 October 2021


2017 NEWS

MEPs back ECR plan for an inter-governmental summit to end Rohingya crisis

Over 600,000 Rohingyas have been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in neighbouring Bangladesh and at least 6,700 Rohingya were killed in August alone. The crisis has been called a textbook example of ethnic cleansing by the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights.

14 December 2017

Europe keeps the pressure on international aviation industry to reduce emissions

MEPs today endorsed an agreement that will continue to seen international flights in and out of Europe exempted from the EU’s Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) until 2023.

12 December 2017

The Week Ahead – 11th December – 14th December 2017

The Week Ahead; 11th December – 14th December 2017; Reducing aviation emissions; Ongoing negotiations with the United Kingdom; Copyright and online broadcasts

11 December 2017

Investment key to success of the energy union

The EU’s climate and energy policies must promote investment, not undermine it, warned ECR MEPs following a vote today in a joint meeting of the parliament’s environment and energy committees

7 December 2017

Dalton: “Car makers trying to cheat emissions tests will be found out.”

Tough new measures to prevent a repeat of the vehicle emissions scandal have been approved by the European Union. Piloted through the European Parliament by ECR MEP Dan Dalton, they will see a minimum of 500 models of cars of various ages being tested by Member States each year.

7 December 2017

Roadmap of the EU Commission for the Deepening Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union

Following the publication of EU Commission’s Roadmap for Deepening Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union German ECR MEPs warn against establishing a permanent transfer. “The problems of the Eurozone remain unresolved,” says MEP Bernd Lucke.

6 December 2017

Monica Macovei: Justice in Malta still undermined by corruption

The European Parliament fact finding mission concluded that justice in Malta is seriously undermined by corruption, institutional buck-passing, conflicts of interest, nepotism, and the perception that there is impunity for offenders

4 December 2017

Stevens: Time for action on EU disability strategy

A report by ECR MEP Helga Stevens on the European Disability Strategy was overwhelmingly supported by MEPs today. The report follows up on the European Commission’s communication on the implementation of the strategy and set out the Parliament’s priorities for a comprehensive and effective disability strategy by 2030.

30 November 2017

Bernd Koelmel: 2018 budget fails to prepare for the future

ECR budgets spokesman Bernd Koelmel has criticised the 2018 EU budget as a missed opportunity to prepare for the inevitable cuts that will come following Brexit. Koemel was speaking after the parliament ratified the agreement they reached with the council on €160bn of commitments for next year.

30 November 2017

ECR welcomes success of online crackdown on fake goods

The success of a crackdown on internet sites selling counterfeit goods proves more EU legislation is not always the answer.

29 November 2017

INVITATION: Freedom of Religion in Bahrain – 6 December 17:00-18:30, ASP A1H1

David Campbell Bannerman MEP and The Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC), cordially invite you to a roundtable discussion on the:  Freedom of Religion in the Kingdom of Bahrain

28 November 2017

Henkel: Renewable energy target irrelevant compared to wider energy market problems

The introduction of a 35% EU target for renewable energy is irrelevant when considered in the context of the wider problems facing the EU’s energy market, said ECR German MEP Hans Olaf Henkel, vice chair of the parliament’s energy committee, following a vote today.

28 November 2017

EU efficiency plans will hurt business and push up energy prices

Member States must be able to implement new EU rules on energy efficiency otherwise they serve no purpose, warned ECR Flemish MEP Anneleen Van Bossuyt today following a vote in the parliament’s energy committee.

28 November 2017

ECR MEPs call for an end to animal testing globally

Today ECR MEPs voted to call on the EU to spearhead a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics

28 November 2017

A victory for science over scaremongering

Farmers can today breathe a sigh of relief after EU Member States voted to re-licence the weed killer Glyphosate for five years.

27 November 2017

No more geo-blocking: more choice for online shoppers

New rules that will stop online shoppers being discriminated against when they shop in another Member State have been welcomed by ECR Group MEP Anneleen Van Bossuyt. The agreement, reached following late night talks between the European Parliament and Council, will put an end to so called ‘geo-blocking’ whereby online customers are prevented from purchasing products or services from a website based in another member state.

21 November 2017

ECR MEPs: We can’t end poverty without the private sector

Ahead of the EU-Africa Summit next week ECR MEPs have called today for the private sector to take a leading role in the EU’s development policy. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals face a funding gap of $2.5 trillion despite the $1.4 trillion already spent globally on foreign aid.

21 November 2017

ECR MEPs secure key changes to digital broadcast reforms

ECR MEPs have backed moves to make news and current affairs programming more widely available across the EU. The draft legislation approved today by the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee would mean broadcasters could not stop viewers in one country from watching such programmes in another, so called “geoblocking”.

21 November 2017

The Week Ahead – 20th November – 24th November 2017

Week Ahead; 20th November- 24th November 2017; Closing a criminal records loophole; Geoblocking proposals – closing in on agreement; Modernised copyright rules must safeguard investment;

20 November 2017

Tannock: Strong EU/New Zealand links “a force for good in the world”

Links between New Zealand and the European Union will be strengthened following the approval  today by MEPs of a comprehensive partnership agreement

16 November 2017

Loones: New anti-dumping rules to protect European Businesses

Updates to the way the EU calculates anti-dumping duties have been approved by MEPs today in the European Parliament. ECR Group Flemish MEP Sander Loones has welcomed the new rules which will help provide certainty to European industry and protect them from unfair trading practices that distort prices and competition.

15 November 2017

ECR Group MEP secures parliamentary debate on Rohingya slaughter

ECR Group MEP Amjad Bashir has secured an extraordinary debate in the European Parliament into the ongoing persecution of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims.

15 November 2017

The Week Ahead – 13th November – 17th November 2017

Week Ahead; 13th November – 17th November 2017; New anti-dumping rules to provide clarity to businesses; Improved relations with New Zealand; Parliament should not glorify communist atrocities

10 November 2017

Emissions agreement paves the way to implement goals of Paris Agreement

ECR MEP Julie Girling last night secured deal between the European Parliament and Council on the next phase of the EU’s Emission Trading System.

9 November 2017

Nord Stream 2 and Russia must abide by energy market rules

ECR MEPs have welcomed proposals from the European Commission that ensure all gas pipelines coming from third countries will be subject to the EU’s internal energy market rules. From now on all major pipelines entering the EU will have to be operated with the same levels of transparency and efficiency and be accessible to other operators as those situated within the EU.

8 November 2017

New targets on car emissions must be implementable and enforceable

Commenting on today’s proposals from the European Commission for new vehicle emissions targets and on revisions to the EU’s transport legislation, ECR transport coordinator Roberts Zille said:

8 November 2017

Islam & Women Conference

Conference “Islam and Women” will be held on Tuesday, November 7th, room A1G2 from 09:30 to 12:00, in the European Parliament in Brussels

4 November 2017

Nirj Deva MEP receives GG2 Editor’s Award

For outstanding contribution to British and ethnic minority communities in his 25 years of public service.

27 October 2017

Parliament shuts down debate on controversial new Eprivacy rules

MEPs decision to bypass the European Parliament’s main chamber on controversial new Eprivacy rules has been criticised by ECR Group spokesman on the proposals, Dan Dalton MEP

26 October 2017

Koelmel: Finding European Parliament’s budget cuts – like looking for snow in summer

The European Parliament’s vote to increase the EU’s budget for 2018 fails to recognise the reality of public finances in the EU and the political fallout from continually demanding more taxpayer money, warned ECR budget spokesman Bernd Koelmel.

25 October 2017

New parliament proposals would increase food bills

Controversial new regulations for agricultural fertilisers ignore expert opinion and would raise costs for both farmers and producers across the EU, ECR MEPs argued today.

25 October 2017

Bolstering Schengen area Entry and Exit System vital for improved border security

MEPs today endorsed an agreement that will see the introduction of electronic identity checks at the EU’s external borders. The ECR Group’s spokesman on the proposals, Jussi Halla-aho MEP, has welcomed the agreement which he views as vital to secure the EU’s external border and better manage the EU’s immigration system.

25 October 2017

ECR leaders: Mandatory relocation does not work. EU must show pragmatism.

ECR leaders Syed Kamall  MEP and Ryszard Legutko MEP welcomed the Council conclusions on migration which finally reflects the ECR Group’s proposals.

24 October 2017

ECR Group to force vote on controversial new ePrivacy rules.

The ECR Group have successfully forced a vote in the European Parliament’s plenary chamber on controversial new eprivacy rules. Last week the parliament’s civil liberties committee voted to negotiate directly with the Council on the new rules that will make sweeping changes to the way the internet works and many free services that consumers currently use on a daily basis

24 October 2017

Girling: Banning glyphosate without evidence undermines the whole system

Banning popular weed killer glyphosate within five years and ignoring robust scientific evidence risks undermining the EU’s entire regulatory approval process for herbicides, warned ECR environment coordinator Julie Girling today.

24 October 2017

European Parliament ends debate on the future of EU finances before it even started

ECR budget coordinator Bernd Koelmel has accused MEPs of shutting down the debate on the EU’s future financing arrangements without even acknowledging the new reality they’re about to face.

24 October 2017

The Week Ahead from the ECR Group in the European Parliament – 23rd October – 27th October 2017

ECR Group co-chairs Syed Kamall and Ryszard Legutko will address the plenary during Tuesday’s key debate on the October Council summit. They will both highlight the need for progress and clarity for EU and UK citizens regarding Brexit as well as talking about the future of Europe and the importance of addressing key common concerns around the economy, migration, security and the single market.

20 October 2017

Dan Dalton: New proposals for tackling the migration crisis “waste precious time”.

New plans to tackle the migration crisis will have the opposite effect and risk more refugees falling into the hands of people smugglers, ECR MEPs believe

19 October 2017

Free online Services endangered by new ePrivacy rules

New online privacy proposals backed today by MEPs would stifle innovation and threaten the availability of free online services people currently take for granted. Conservative MEPs believe the eprivacy regulations fail to strike the right balance between respecting people’s right to privacy online and encouraging a wide range of services.

19 October 2017

Agreement reached on cutting aviation emissions

EU lawmakers last night reached a deal that will continue to see international flights exempted from the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme until 2023. ECR MEP Julie Girling was the European Parliament’s lead negotiator and has welcomed the agreement that will still see internal flights within the EU coming under the ETS and contributing more to emissions reductions on an annual basis

19 October 2017

We must help Member States in their counter terrorism efforts

New moves by the European Commission can help countries’ counter terrorism teams cooperate more effectively and assist them in better securing softer targets, said ECR security coordinator Helga Stevens MEP.

18 October 2017

Loones: New anti-dumping rules provide clarity to businesses

ECR MEP Sander Loones has welcomed the European Parliament’s International Trade Committee’s vote to update the anti-dumping duties which will provide clarity and protection to businesses.

12 October 2017

Parliament aims to reduce delivery costs in the internal market

The European Parliament’s transport committee today voted through new rules that aim to reduce disparities between member states in terms of cross border delivery costs. The proposals fit into the EU’s wider strategy to improve e-commerce and will help small and medium sized businesses in particular who are often priced out of cross-border trading due to high delivery costs.

12 October 2017

Tošenovský: New telecommunications laws must respect reality of 28 national markets

ITRE Committee today approved two reports on EU telecommunications reform. Czech MEP Evžen Tošenovský was steering the negotiations on Parliament’s position as rapporteur for BEREC regulation and simultaneously followed the Electronic Communications Code for the ECR Group.

11 October 2017

The Week Ahead – 9th October – 13th October 2017

Week ahead; 9th October- 13 October 2017; Sakharov prize shortlist; Terrorism committee begins it work; Militarisation of black sea; EU-New Zealand and EU-Australia

6 October 2017

Delaying negotiations on future EU-UK deal is not the answer

Speaking during today’s debate in the European Parliament on negotiations with the UK on their withdrawal from the EU, ECR Group members have warned that unless discussions move forward to the future EU – UK relationship then both sides, their businesses and citizens will suffer.

3 October 2017

European Parliament will hold a debate on the Catalonian referendum

At the opening of business in Strasbourg the European Parliament voted to add a debate on Catalonia and the attempted referendum on independence. As a group we remain concerned that the longer people are kept from expressing their will the worse the issue will get, whatever that may be. Speaking after vote, ECR co-chair Prof. Ryszard Legutko said:

2 October 2017

Macron speech: “Just more smoke and mirrors”

ECR co-chairs Ryszard Legutko and Syed Kamall have both spoken of their disappointment after French President Emmanuel Macron outlined his ‘grand’ vision for the EU in Paris today.

27 September 2017

Koelmel: Brexit is happening we can’t keep increasing the budget

ECR Budgetary Spokesman, German MEP Bernd Koelmel says MEPs today missed another opportunity to confront financial reality and make savings in the European Union budget.

27 September 2017

Kamall on Brexit talks: EU27 must be willing to look at bigger picture

Speaking ahead of this week’s round of negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, ECR Group co-chair Syed Kamall has argued that solutions to the big issues can’t be found unless the EU27, as well as the UK, are willing to start looking at the bigger picture, which includes the future trading relationship.

25 September 2017

Kamall on PM May speech: It is time to move forward on Brexit

Today the Prime Minister has taken a decisive steps towards shaping a final deal for the UK leaving the EU by clarifying the UK’s position.

22 September 2017

ECR Members under fake news attack

A letter allegedly signed by the Polish ECR Members appeared on a German regional website.

21 September 2017

CETA will be provisionally applied tomorrow

A flagship agreement which is expected to increase trade between the EU and Canada by €26 billion per year finally comes into effect tomorrow.

20 September 2017

ECR leaders reject Juncker’s federalist ambition

Following today’s State of the Union address by European Commission President Jean Claude Junker, the ECR Group Co-Chairmen Syed Kamall and Ryszard Legutko have both argued that the EU must urgently change its current direction and have rejected the federalist ambitions contained throughout the speech.

15 September 2017

MEPs condemn the persecution of the Rohingya people

ECR MEPs have secured the European Parliament’s support for a cross-party resolution condemning the attacks against the Rohingya minority in Myanmar.

14 September 2017

Aviation carbon emissions plan approved by MEPs

Commercial flights in and out of Europe will continue to be exempt from the EU’s carbon emission controls, heading off a potential confrontation with the airline industry.

13 September 2017

EU funded wifi hotspots – wasted money that could be better spent on important infrastructure

The European Parliament gave the green light this afternoon to waste 120 million euros of taxpayers’ money to provide up to 8,000 “free” Wi-Fi stations across the EU.

12 September 2017

Keeping 751 MEPS after Brexit is completely illogical

When the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, the logical approach is to not re-allocate any of the 73 British seats in the European Parliament” said Hans-Olaf Henkel MEP, ECR Group Vice-Chairman in Strasbourg today.

12 September 2017

This week in the European Parliament (11th – 15th September 2017)

State of the Union speech. Aviation emissions. Whale hunting in Norway. Uniform format for residence permits for third country nationals. Improving transparency.

11 September 2017

House of history or house of ideology? In the EP about the House of European History

This week in the European Parliament a conference dedicated to the permanent exhibition presented in the House of European History, which opened a few weeks ago, took place on the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels. The event was organized by MEP Anna Fotyga and the PiS delegation and featured historians and MEPs from Poland, Italy, Denmark, and Latvia, among others.

7 September 2017

Migration policy must have public support

The EU will not solve the migration & asylum crisis by forcing reluctant EU countries to adopt rules they have opposed from the beginning, said ECR Group co-chair Syed Kamall today following the publication by the European Commisison of a series of progress reports on migration and a judgement from the European Court of Justice on the relocation of asylum seekers.

6 September 2017

EU defence report “ignores the impact of Brexit

A new report being prepared by the European parliament on defence which thinks the EU “takes its destiny into its own hands” sidelines NATO and totally fails to address the impact of Brexit, a senior ECR MEP said tonight.

4 September 2017

Verhofstadt should stop acting above his pay grade on Brexit

“Mr Verhofstadt’s role as Brexit co-ordinator is to act as a link between the European Parliament and the Commission. It is not his job to try and impose a position on MEPs.''

31 August 2017

Van Orden to co-chair Asia-Europe political forum

The first meeting of the Asia-Europe Political Forum (AEPF) has taken place in Seoul, Republic of Korea, at a time of high international tension in the region.

20 July 2017

New laws to tackle cross-border rogue trading move a step closer

Updated rules to better protect consumers from cross-border scams and rogue traders will be voted on by MEPs this autumn.

20 July 2017

MEPs back Girling plan for tackling aviation carbon emissions.

International commercial flights should be granted a further exemption from the EU’s carbon emissions controls, but only until 2021, MEPs agreed today.

11 July 2017

International backing for Deva’s Korean dialogue

Asia’s main political parties have endorsed attempts by ECR MEP Nirj Deva to kick start a Korean peace process.

11 July 2017

Parliament approves special committee on terrorism

At the initiative of the EPP, ECR and ALDE groups and with the support of an overwhelming majority (527 votes in favour, 73 against, and 36 abstentions) in the House, the European Parliament today has decided to set up a special committee on terrorism.

6 July 2017

Deva: Use innovative ideas, not razor wire, to tackle the migrant crisis

A new fund to boost private investment in developing countries and address the root causes of the migration crisis has been approved today by MEPs.

6 July 2017

Kamall: EU-Japan trade deal brings jobs, growth and prosperity

ECR Group Co-Chairman Syed Kamall has welcomed the political agreement on a trade deal reached between the European Commission and the Japanese Government.

6 July 2017

Helga Stevens: “Only jobs and growth can draw people out of poverty.”

In turbulent times, the EU cannot think that it can solve every crisis by itself. It needs to work together with the UN, NATO and the G20 to end the funding of terrorism, and punish the barbaric practice of human trafficking, ECR MEP Helga Stevens told Members in Strasbourg.

5 July 2017

Ryszard Legutko elected the ECR Co-Chairman

Polish MEP Ryszard Legutko has been elected ECR Group Co-Chairman to serve alongside leader Syed Kamall. The creation of the Group’s first co-chairmanship is intended to assist the transitional period of the UK exiting the EU and beyond.

5 July 2017

Van Dalen: High time to release Asia Bibi from prison

Too many people are languishing in Pakistan’s prisons because of the existence and misuse of blasphemy laws and the European Parliament must speak out on their behalf, said ECR MEP Peter van Dalen.

5 July 2017

Joint Chairmanship agreed for ECR Group

Members have tonight voted to create a joint chairmanship of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group.

4 July 2017

This week in the European Parliament (3rd - 6th July)

New rules to ensure tax transparency from multinationals. Towards a pan-European covered bonds framework. Single seat for the European Parliament. Leveraging private funding to fund development.

30 June 2017

This week in the European Parliament - 3rd - 6th July

Week ahead- 3rd- 6th July: New rules to ensure tax transparency from multinationals, Towards a pan-European covered bonds framework, Single seat for the European Parliament, Leveraging private funding to fund development

30 June 2017

Koelmel: EU should only spend where there is European added value

ECR MEP Bernd Koelmel has welcomed demands from the EU’s budget commissioner for clear European added value when EU funds are spent.

28 June 2017

This week in the European Parliament (26th - 30th June)

From Tuesday to Friday the ECR Group study days will take place in Berlin.

23 June 2017

ECR MEP Anneleen Van Bossuyt elected as chairman of the IMCO Committee

ECR Member of the European Parliament Anneleen Van Bossuyt has been elected chairman of the influential Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee.

21 June 2017

Loones: The EU must better protect industry from unfair competition

The European Parliament’s committee on International Trade committee today voted through legislation to combat unfair international competition, in particular responding to the issue of China’s market economy and other unfair trade practices from third countries.

20 June 2017

This week in the European Parliament (18th - 23rd June)

On Wednesday the parliament’s internal market committee will vote for a new chair of the committee. The ECR group have put forward Flemish MEP Anneleen Van Bossuyt for the role which became vacant following the departure of another ECR MEP, Vicky Ford, who was recently elected to the UK parliament.

16 June 2017

Good news for travellers as roaming charges end today

Good news as roaming charges end across the EU today.

15 June 2017

Good news for travellers as roaming charges end today

Good news as roaming charges end across the EU today.

15 June 2017

Kamall on security: More cooperation instead of more EU agencies

We may be divided by our politics, but we remain united in our fight against terrorism, ECR Group leader Syed Kamall told Members of the European Parliament today.

14 June 2017

Karim: Bangladesh must do more to protect garment workers

Rights for Bangladesh’s 4.2 million garment workers must improve if the country is to maintain its tariff-free access to the EU, ECR MEP Sajjad Karim warned today.

14 June 2017

ECR Group call for action on statelessness

ECR MEP Amjad Bashir’s call to end statelessness in South & South East Asia received overwhelming support in the European Parliament today.

13 June 2017

ECR Group votes for simpler energy labels on household products

Consumers will find it easier to choose energy efficient products such as cookers and fridges under new EU labelling rules supported today by Conservative MEPs.

13 June 2017

Kamall: Sanctions over migrant relocations unjustified

The European Commission is launching infringement procedures against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic over their refusal to take part in the migrant relocation scheme.

13 June 2017

Lucke: Let’s end the mad Euro-Tango

Eurorealist MEP Bernd Lucke has today warned of the disastrous effects of deepening the Eurozone.

13 June 2017

European Commission’s Future of European Defence proposals undermine NATO

Responding to the European Commission’s Paper on the Future of European Defence, Conservative Defence & Security Spokesman, Geoffrey Van Orden MEP, said: “The European Commission’s proposals show once again that the EU is on an ego trip, motivated by its own ambitions rather than security needs.

7 June 2017

New document to assist returns of economic migrants moves a step closer

A single EU document for the return of failed asylum applicants to their home country is a step closer to being realised after the European Parliament’s home affairs committee adopted the proposal today.

30 May 2017

MEPs adopt sensible resolution on EU-US data flows and Privacy Shield

The European Parliament has today adopted a resolution that will give businesses and individuals clarity over the flow of transatlantic data, European Conservatives and Reformists shadow rapporteur Timothy Kirkhope MEP, said after the vote.

26 May 2017

EU counter-terror cooperation to be stepped up with new powers for Europol

Police and security cooperation across the EU will be strengthened after MEPs today adopted a new mandate for Europol, the EU’s law enforcement agency.

11 May 2017

Africa must take greater responsibility for its problems

It is in all our interests for African countries to do more to create peace and stability on their continent, but they need help in this.

20 April 2017

ECR group welcomes Eleni Theocharous

The ECR Group in the European Parliament has last night voted to admit Cypriot MEP Eleni Theocharous to the group.

9 March 2017

European Parliamentarians support reform progress in Montenegro

Today the committee on foreign affairs in the European Parliament welcomed the progress in Montenegro’s reform process as part of its path towards EU accession.

28 February 2017

Deva champions the new Marshall Plan for Africa

Nirj Deva MEP champions the role for private business in development.

28 February 2017

The Week Ahead – 27th February to 3rd March

Take a look at the upcoming agenda for the ECR group.

27 February 2017

Welcome for new mission to smash people traffickers

Today the European Commission launched its EUROPOL European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC) in The Hague, which will proactively support EU Member States in dismantling criminal networks involved in organized migrant smuggling.

22 February 2017

A new approach to ending global poverty secures MEPs’ support

A report laying out innovative new ways to mobilise private capital in the fight against global poverty was approved by MEPs today.

17 February 2017

EU parliamentarians back new EU Policy for the Arctic

Today parliamentarians in the European Parliament adopted a new integrated EU policy for the Arctic.

31 January 2017

EU parliamentarians back proposal on strengthening transatlantic alliance with Canada

Today the European Parliament made further steps to improve its transatlantic cooperation on foreign and security issues as well as trade and economics.

31 January 2017

EU parliamentarians back proposal on strengthening transatlantic alliance with Canada

Today the European Parliament made further steps to improve its transatlantic cooperation on foreign and security issues as well as trade and economics.

31 January 2017

A severe threat to justice and rule of law in Romania

The European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) Group in the European Parliament has condemned executive orders (ordinances) from the new Romanian government that enact a broad pardon for various crimes and put an end to ongoing criminal investigations and court procedures. ECR Romanian MEP and leading anti-corruption campaigner Monica Macovei argued the move seeks to overturn progress in Romania’s anticorruption fight.

26 January 2017

Horse welfare report clears European Parliament hurdle

A report recommending a wide range of measures to improve the welfare of horses and donkeys across Europe has been backed by MEPs.

25 January 2017

Backing for Conservative MEP’s plan to tackle wildlife trafficking

Proposals by Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin for trade policy to be used to tackle wildlife trafficking cleared an important hurdle today.

25 January 2017

The Week Ahead from the ECR Group in the European Parliament – 23rd-27th January 2017

Take a look at the upcoming agenda for the ECR group.

20 January 2017

Take a step back and look at the facts on Poland, Kamall urges MEPs

In a debate in the European Parliament on the current situation in Poland, following the European Commission’s decision to launch a ‘Rule of Law’ investigation, ECR Group leader Syed Kamall asked other MEPs to take a step back and allow the European Commission and Council of Europe’s Venice to conduct their work.

20 January 2017

ECR: the EPP/ALDE deal is more of the same, failed approach

The ECR group has today refused to endorse the agreement made between the EPP and ALDE groups, arguing that many aspects of it represent the failed policies of the past.

17 January 2017

EU defence ambitions are key reason for NATO’s weaknesses

Geoffrey Van Orden MEP gives his view on EU defence policy.

17 January 2017

Kamall congratulates Tajani on his election

Syed Kamall MEP welcomes the election of Antonio Tajani as President of the European Parliament.

17 January 2017

Helga Stevens on Poland

Helga Stevens MEP comments on the Commission's response to developments in Poland.

12 January 2017

Koelmel highlights dangers of EU tax-raising powers

Proposals put forward by a panel chaired by Former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti – which push for the EU to be able to directly raise revenue – have been rejected by ECR Budgets spokesman Bernd Koelmel.

12 January 2017

Günther Oettinger on new budget portfolio

Bernd Kölmel has called for the new Budget Commissioner to demonstrate the courage of his convictions.

9 January 2017

Kamall: The EU needs new ideas and new solutions in 2016

Syed Kamall MEP reflects on the future of the EU in new years message.

1 January 2017




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