1st – 5th June 2015 – Brussels

1 June 2015

1st – 5th June 2015 – Brussels

TTIP’s benefits for Small and Medium Enterprises, EU budget policy, Alcohol interlocks and drink driving, Better regulation and subsidiarity and PNR.

TTIP’s benefits for Small and Medium Enterprises

ECR Trade spokesman Emma McClarkin will host a hearing on the benefits of TTIP to SMEs in Europe. Speakers will include the US Ambassador to the EU, Anthony Gardner; the EU Chief Negotiator for SMEs in TTIP, Denis Redonnet; and many small businesses organisations from across the EU.

Press officer to contact: Alasdair Rendall on +32 475 780819 or alasdair.rendall@europarl.europa.eu

Hearing: Tuesday @ 15.00 in room A5E2

EU budget policy

ECR Budgets spokesman Bernd Kölmel is hosting a hearing on guidelines for a new EU budgetary policy, looking at enhancing efficiency and subsidiarity. The debate will include a keynote speech by EU Budgets Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva, who presented the EU’s 2016 draft budget the previous week. The hearing will be opened by ECR chairman Syed Kamall and closed with a Q&A chaired by Richard Ashworth MEP.

Press officer to contact: Tobias Teuscher, Tel +32 (0) 4 98 98 47 07; tobias.teuscher@europarl.europa.eu

Hearing: Tuesday @ 11:30-13.00 in room PHS1A002

Alcohol interlocks and drink driving

ECR MEP Jorn Dohrmann is hosting a hearing looking into the possibility of introducing alcohol interlocks in vehicles and particularly lorries, to cut down on drink driving in the EU. The hearing will examine the policy options that can be considered by the EU.
The event will bring together the commission, MEPs, road safety campaigners and hauliers’ organisations to discuss the way forward. The event will be livestreamed on this page: http://ecrgroup.eu/alcohol-interlocks/.

Press officer to contact: James Holtum on +32 473 861762 or james.holtum@europarl.europa.eu

Hearing: Wednesday @ 11.00 in room P1A002

Better regulation and subsidiarity

The ECR policy group on subsidiarity and localism is co-hosting, with the ECR group at the Committee of the Regions, a joint public hearing on “The EU Better Regulation Package and what this means for subsidiarity and localism”.
Speakers include the policy group chair Andrew Lewer MBE MEP, Sajjad Karim MEP (who has drafted a number of parliament reports on better regulation) and the Deputy Mayor of London, Roger Evans. ECR leader in the CoR Cllr Gordon Keymer CBE FCA, will conclude the meeting.

Press officer to contact: Press officer to contact: Tobias Teuscher, Tel +32 (0) 4 98 98 47 07; tobias.teuscher@europarl.europa.eu

Wednesday @ 12.00 – 14.00 Room VMA – 1, (Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels).


Timothy Kirkhope, the parliament’s rapporteur on proposals regarding EU Passenger Name Records will debate amendments to his report, published in February with MEPs in the civil liberties committee. Mr Kirkhope believes an agreement can be reached in the next few months on the proposals, which would see information on passenger data exchanged under much stricter conditions than are currently in place for the patchwork of national PNR systems that are be! ing prepared across Europe.
The commission will also present proposals for an EU-Mexico PNR agreement.

Press officer to contact: James Holtum on +32 473 861762

Debate on amendments: Thursday @ 11.15


For enquiries relating to the ECR Group, the Group Chairman or a national delegation not listed below:

James Holtum

ECR Group Spokesman

Rue Wiertz – ATR 07K 031

B – 1047 Brussels

Tel.: + 32 473 861762

E-mail: james.holtum@europarl.europa.eu

For enquiries relating to a national delegation of the group or its members:

UK delegation:

John Furbisher

Tel.: +32 498 984760

E-mail: john.furbisher@europarl.europa.eu

Polish delegation:

Katarzyna Ochman

Tel.: +32 470 955928

E-mail: katarzyna.ochman@europarl.europa.eu

German delegation:

Tobias Teuscher

Tel.: +32 475 864064

E-mail: tobias.teuscher@europarl.europa.eu

Belgian delegation:

Luc Rochtus

Tel.: +32 479 734567

E-mail: luc.rochtus@europarl.europa.eu

Czech delegation:

Jan Krelina

Tel.: +32 493 214346

E-mail: jan.krelina@europarl.europa.eu

Dutch delegation:

Maarten Van Der Fliert

Tel.: +31 652 24 44 64

E-mail: maarten.vandefliert@europarl.europa.eu

Bulgarian delegation:

Daniela Koleva

Tel.: +32 475 634973

E-mail: Daniela.koleva@europarl.europa.eu

Latvian delegation:

Karlis Bumeisters

Tel.: +371 29245260

E-mail: Karlis.bumeisters@europarl.europa.eu







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