1st – 5th September 2014 – Brussels

1 September 2014

1st – 5th September 2014 – Brussels

IS and Ukraine Crises

MEPs in the foreign affairs committee will meet to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the brutal efforts by Islamic fundamentalist ISIS to create a caliphate in the Middle East. The committee is also scheduled to hold a wider discussion with Italian foreign minister Mogherini, who was this weekend nominated to replace Catherine Ashton as EU High Representative.

The international trade committee will also discuss EU-Russia trade relations, and the agriculture committee will discuss with the commission the impact of Russia’s retaliatory ban on EU food imports.

The ECR coordinator in the foreign affairs committee is Dr Charles Tannock, international trade coordinator is Emma McClarkin, and agriculture coordinator is James Nicholson.

Discussion in foreign affairs:Tuesday from 09.00
Discussion in trade: Wednesday @ 15.00
Discussion in agriculture: Thursday @ 09.00

Contact: James Holtum on +32 473 861762 or james.holtum@ep.europa.eu


Both the health and development aspects of this summer’s Ebola outbreak will be subject to discussions between two committees and European Commissioners, with the development committee discussing with Commissioner Georgieva how the EU can cope with multiple crises with the resources available; whilst the environment and public health committee will discuss the impact with health commissioner Borg.
The ECR coordinator in the development committee is Nirj Deva, whilst the environment and public health coordinator is Julie Girling.

Discussion in development committee: Wednesday @ 15.45
Discussion in the environment committee: Wednesday @ 15.30

Contact: John Furbisher on +32 498 984760 or john.furbisher@ep.europa.eu


The summer’s jitters in the euro area, low growth and inflation, will be discussed by economics committee MEPs in a meeting with Eurogroup President Dijsselboem.
The ECR coordinator in the committee is Dr Kay Swinburne.

Contact: James Holtum on +32 473 861762 or james.holtum@europarl.europa.eu

ECR coordinators in committees

A number of other committees are also meeting this week. For more information, go to http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/news-room/agenda/2014-W36-By-Dayand for details of ECR coordinators in committees, visit: http://ecrgroup.eu/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/ECR-Coordinators-2014.pdf


For enquiries relating to the ECR Group, the Group Chairman or a national delegation not listed below:

James Holtum
ECR Group Spokesman
Rue Wiertz – ATR 07K 031
B – 1047 Brussels
Tel.: + 32 473 861762
E-mail: james.holtum@europarl.europa.eu

For enquiries relating to a national delegation of the group or its members:

UK delegation:
John Furbisher
Tel.: +32 498 984760
E-mail: john.furbisher@europarl.europa.eu

Czech delegation:
Jan Krelina
Tel.: +32 493 214346
E-mail: jan.krelina@europarl.europa.eu

Polish Law and Justice delegation:
Katarzyna Ochman
Tel.: +32 470 955928
E-mail: katarzyna.ochman@europarl.europa.eu





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