22nd – 26th June 2015 – Brussels

22 June 2015

22nd – 26th June 2015 – Brussels

European Council, European Fund for Strategic Investment, EU economic governance, Indian delegation and Forced Labour.

European Council

Ukraine, the fight against terrorism and defence and security are the billed topics for a meeting between EU leaders, in which the Greek crisis is expected to dominate discussion. Ahead of the summit, the parliament will hold a plenary debate where ECR chairman Syed Kamall will set out the choice facing Greece.

Syed will be available at the Justus Lipsius building for comment from 17.00 on Thursday.

Debate: Wednesday at 14.00
Kamall at the Council: Thursday from 17.00

Meanwhile, ahead of the council, MEPs in the home affairs committee will also adopt a resolution on the EU’s internal security strategy, looking at the fight against serious organised crime, terrorism and Cybercrime, supported by ECR spokesman Timothy Kirkhope.

Press officer to contact: James Holtum on +32 473 861762

Vote in committee: Thursday @ 12.30

European Fund for Strategic Investment

A flagship proposal to create a guarantee fund that is projected to unlock up to €315 billion of private investment in Europe’s economy will be voted on by the full parliament. ECR shadow rapporteurs Sander Loones (from the economics committee), and Richard Ashworth (from the budgets committee) have fought in the negotiations to ensure that so-called primary research (research not close to market) is protected when funding the scheme, and they have sought to ensure that the fund’s investment decisions are based on sound economic rationale, and not political reasons. In the negotiations, improvements were made to the proposal. To ensure a stronger economy, the ECR only believes the project could be succesful if accompanied by ambitious structural reforms.

Press officer to contact: Yannick Vanderveeren on +32 473 806446 for Sander Loones or Alasdair Rendall on +32 475 780819 for Richard Ashworth

Vote: Wednesday @ 19.30

EU economic governance

The parliament will vote on a resolution regarding the future of economic governance in Europe, ahead of a discussion at Thursday’s summit. ECR shadow rapporteur Bernd Lucke gave his view on why he cannot support the draft text here.

Press officer to contact: Tobias Teuscher on +32 498 984707

Vote: Wednesday @ 19.30

Indian delegation

The parliament’s India delegation – chaired by ECR Vice-President Geoffrey Van Orden – is holding an extraordinary meeting with a high-level visit from the Lok Sabha (Indian Parliament), including the speaker Smt Sumitra Mahajan.

Press officer to contact: Press officer to contact: John Furbisher on +32 498 984760

Delegation meeting: Wednesday @ 10.30 in room A5G2

Forced Labour

Proposals will be put to the vote in the home affairs committee to ratify at the EU level a UN protocol requiring national action plans that would prevent trafficking, labour exploitation and help protect and compensate victims. ECR Vice-President Helga Stevens is the parliament’s rapporteur on the proposal aimed to tackle forced labour, which has at least 20.9 million victims.

Press officer to contact: Yannick Vanderveeren on +32 473 806446

Vote: Thursday @ 11.00


For enquiries relating to the ECR Group, the Group Chairman or a national delegation not listed below:

James Holtum

ECR Group Spokesman

Rue Wiertz – ATR 07K 031

B – 1047 Brussels

Tel.: + 32 473 861762

E-mail: james.holtum@europarl.europa.eu

For enquiries relating to a national delegation of the group or its members:

UK delegation:

John Furbisher

Tel.: +32 498 984760

E-mail: john.furbisher@europarl.europa.eu

Polish delegation:

Katarzyna Ochman

Tel.: +32 470 955928

E-mail: katarzyna.ochman@europarl.europa.eu

German delegation:

Tobias Teuscher

Tel.: +32 475 864064

E-mail: tobias.teuscher@europarl.europa.eu

Belgian delegation:

Luc Rochtus

Tel.: +32 479 734567

E-mail: luc.rochtus@europarl.europa.eu

Czech delegation:

Jan Krelina

Tel.: +32 493 214346

E-mail: jan.krelina@europarl.europa.eu

Dutch delegation:

Maarten Van Der Fliert

Tel.: +31 652 24 44 64

E-mail: maarten.vandefliert@europarl.europa.eu

Bulgarian delegation:

Daniela Koleva

Tel.: +32 475 634973

E-mail: Daniela.koleva@europarl.europa.eu

Latvian delegation:

Karlis Bumeisters

Tel.: +371 29245260

E-mail: Karlis.bumeisters@europarl.europa.eu







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