27th – 30th April 2015 – Strasbourg

28 April 2015

27th – 30th April 2015 – Strasbourg

European Council on the Mediterranean, Security Strategy, Budget discharge and Biofuels.

European Council on the Mediterranean

MEPs will debate the outcome of last week’s special European Council meeting on the tragedies in the Mediterranean. ECR Chairman Syed Kamall will speak in the debate and support efforts to beef up search and rescue operations, tackle criminal gangs and traffickers, and ensure that frontline EU states have sufficient resources to process asylum seekers swiftly and, if appropriate, return them swiftly.

Press officer to contact: James Holtum on +32 473 861762

Debate: Wednesday @ 09.00

Security Strategy

The European Commission will publish its plans for a new Internal Security Strategy for the EU aimed at tackling a wide range of cross-border crime and terrorism. ECR home affairs spokesman Timothy Kirkhope will respond in the debate.

Press officer to contact: James Holtum on +32 473 861762

Debate: Tuesday @ 15.00

Budget discharge

The parliament will vote on the discharge (signing off) of the EU’s 2013 budget. ECR MEPs Ryszard Czarnecki and Anders Vistisen are rapporteurs on several of the reports. ECR MEPs will maintain their consistent position of refusing to grant discharge to any part of the EU budget, as long as the whole budget fails to receive a positive statement of assurance from the EU’s auditors.

Press officer to contact: Kasia Ochman on +32 470 955928

Vote: Wednesday @ 12.00


The ECR will back an agreement reached on the future of biofuels in the EU, which ECR shadow rapporteur Julie Girling hopes will allow greater security for companies and workers involved in the fledgling energy sector. She believes that this sector can make an important contribution to Europe’s energy mix but it needs fair treatment instead of ever-higher barriers standing in its way.

Vote: Tuesday @ 12.30


For enquiries relating to the ECR Group, the Group Chairman or a national delegation not listed below:

James Holtum

ECR Group Spokesman

Rue Wiertz – ATR 07K 031

B – 1047 Brussels

Tel.: + 32 473 861762

E-mail: james.holtum@europarl.europa.eu

For enquiries relating to a national delegation of the group or its members:

UK delegation:

John Furbisher

Tel.: +32 498 984760

E-mail: john.furbisher@europarl.europa.eu

Polish delegation:

Katarzyna Ochman

Tel.: +32 470 955928

E-mail: katarzyna.ochman@europarl.europa.eu

German delegation:

Tobias Teuscher

Tel.: +32 475 864064

E-mail: tobias.teuscher@europarl.europa.eu

Belgian delegation:

Luc Rochtus

Tel.: +32 479 734567

E-mail: luc.rochtus@europarl.europa.eu

Czech delegation:

Jan Krelina

Tel.: +32 493 214346

E-mail: jan.krelina@europarl.europa.eu

Dutch delegation:

Maarten Van Der Fliert

Tel.: +31 652 24 44 64

E-mail: maarten.vandefliert@europarl.europa.eu

Bulgarian delegation:

Daniela Koleva

Tel.: +32 475 634973

E-mail: Daniela.koleva@europarl.europa.eu

Latvian delegation:

Karlis Bumeisters

Tel.: +371 29245260

E-mail: Karlis.bumeisters@europarl.europa.eu







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