9th – 13th March 2015 – Strasbourg

9 March 2015

9th – 13th March 2015 – Strasbourg

Russia – Boris Nemtsov, Ukraine and European Council, European semester, Competition Policy, Vehicle dimensions, Interchange fees, King Abdullah of Jordan and Child abuse on the internet.

Russia – Boris Nemtsov, Ukraine and European Council

The parliament will debate the murder of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow, and the wider situation between Russia and Ukraine following the Minsk II ceasefire.
In a debate ahead of the European Council meeting on the 19th March, MEPs will discuss the items on the agenda of Heads of Government, including Ukraine and Russia, and the EU’s Eastern Partnership, which the ECR wants to see revitalised in the face of strong arming tactics against countries that wish to look Westwards.

European Council debate (Andrzej Duda MEP will lead for the ECR): Wednesday @ 09.00
Debate on Boris Nemtsov (Chairman of the parliament’s Security and Defence subcommittee Anna Fotyga will speak): Wednesday @ 15.00
Monthly press briefing of ECR Chairman Syed Kamall: Tuesday @ 15.00 in LOW N-1/201

European semester

Another topic of discussion at the European Council will be the so-called European Semester, which attempts to provide economic guidance to states within the EU.
Sampo Terho will lead the debate for the ECR.

Debate: Wednesday @ 10.00

Competition Policy

A report on the EU’s Competition Policy – drafted by ECR MEP Morten Messerschmidt – will be put to the vote by the full parliament. The report passes comment on the ongoing Google case, and the Competition investigation into several EU states’ tax arrangements.

Vote: Tuesday @ 11.30

Vehicle dimensions

MEPs are expected to adopt legislation that will improve safety and the environmental impact of lorries. ECR transport spokesman Roberts Zile supports the overall agreement reached on the legislation.

Vote: Tuesday @ 11.30

Interchange fees

The ECR supports a proposal to be put to the final vote that will cap the fees that retailers can charge for processing card payments.

Vote: Tuesday @ 11.30

King Abdullah of Jordan

The King of Jordan will give a speech in the chamber.

Speech: Tuesday @ 12.00

Child abuse on the internet

The parliament will vote on a resolution looking at how legislation and cooperation could be updated to take into account the increasing sophistication of those offering child abuse services on the internet using encryption and the ‘Dark Net’ for hosting their servers. ECR shadow draftsman Timothy Kirkhope believes that more resource should be directed at combatting internet abuse, working with Europol and Internet Service Providers.

Vote: Wednesday @ 13.00


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