Abascal and Meloni close ECR Eurolat Summit

Abascal and Meloni close ECR Eurolat Summit: It’s time to build an alliance between Europe and Ibero-America in the name of freedom and democracy

Yesterday afternoon, the third and final session of the European-Ibero-American ECR Eurolat summit was held. The Eurolat initiative of the ECR Group in the European Parliament is the first major European forum defending democracy and freedom in the Iberosphere against communist threats.

The forum was organised and chaired by Spanish journalist and ECR MEP, Hermann Tertsch. Speakers agreed that democratic and conservative forces that want to oppose totalitarian socialist projects must no longer focus only on creating economically positive conditions in their states. To effectively counter threats to democracy and the abuse of society and the economy, it is necessary to finally take up the fight in the cultural war, which the left has long since proclaimed. Santiago Abascal, leader of the Spanish VOX party and Giorgia Meloni, leader of Fratelli d’Italia, participated remotely.

“Conservatives are united through a longing for freedom, their love for their country, their history, their traditions and their customs,” Abascal stressed during the summit. Meloni spoke about “building a new alliance between Europe and Latin America in the name of the values of freedom and democracy.”

The ECR Eurolat forum was established in March 2021 to strengthen relations between the European Union and democratic forces in Latin America. Its objective is to open an alternative to the EU institutions’ policy of appeasing of the communist and socialist dictatorships of Ibero-America, who are united around the Group of Puebla and the São Forum and controlled by Cuba.

The summit was the first in a series of high-level annual meetings of the conservative sphere on both sides of the Atlantic. Among the speakers were the former Prime Minister of Poland and leader of Law and Justice Party, Jarosław Kaczyński, the former president of Colombia, Andrés Pastrana, the two Co-Chairmen of the ECR Group, Ryszard Legutko and Raffaele Fitto, as well as ministers, deputies, senators and intellectuals such as Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, Víctor González, María Fernanda Cabal, María Corina Machado, Javier Milei, Jorge Buxadé and Jatzel Román.

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