Beata Szydło: Defence must now be at the heart of EU policy

In the plenary debate on the upcoming Council meeting on 21-22 March, the ECR Group called for the promotion of the EU’s defence capabilities

Speaking in Strasbourg, ECR Vice-President Beata Szydło pointed out to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that not only a competitive defence industry but also a down-to-earth industrial and agricultural policy, are essential in order have resilient societies in times of crisis. The Commission should also largely revise the Green Deal for this purpose.

Beata Szydło said:

“There is currently no more important issue for Europeans today than security. In order to develop the defence industry, we need steelworks, and a well-developed economy.

“How can we think about the food security of the European population when regulations are being introduced that in practice shut down European agriculture? Lessons must be learnt and mistakes corrected.

“The mistake that has led to the European economy and agriculture no longer being competitive and having problems is, first and foremost, the Green Deal.”

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