Bert-Jan Ruissen (ECR): “Subsidies to the Palestinian Authority must have clear conditions.”

In the European Parliament’s key debate in Strasbourg on the despicable terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel, the ECR Group pledged its unconditional support to Israel.

European Conservatives and Reformists traditionally stand by Israel and have condemned Hamas’ terrorist actions and war crimes as the greatest slaughter of Jews since the Second World War. Bert-Jan Ruissen, ECR MEP and vice-president of the European Parliament’s delegation for relations with Israel, spoke in today’s plenary debate, critisising the EU’s handling of financial help to the Palestinian Authority:

“The EU has transferred millions to the Palestinian Authority, while the same Authority has facilitated terrorism. For example, by paying generous salaries to the families of dead terrorists. And what about the water pipes paid for with EU money that Hamas uses to make bombs? I urge you to support our amendments which put clear conditions on subsidies to the Palestinian Authority.”

The ECR Group has made it clear since the beginning of Hamas’ attacks that Israel has an inalienable right to defend itself against these terrorist threats. The ECR insists that Hamas release all hostages and return the bodies of the victims. All European Commission funding for Palestinian programmes must be reviewed. ECR MEPs have long warned against the active involvement of Iran and the escalating role of Hezbollah in the conflict. The EU must now take a firm stand alongside Israel and place both Hezbollah in full and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on the EU terror list. With Islamist terrorism on the rise, Europe should also be aware that certain groups of asylum seekers, such as those in some Greek detention centres, are supporting the actions of Hamas. Such support is clearly incompatible with European values and casts doubt on their ability to integrate into European societies.

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