Bielan: DSA and DMA set global standards for regulating online platforms

According to ECR shadow rapporteur Adam Bielan, the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA) represent measures that will not only defend Europeans' fundamental online rights, but also set global standards for regulating online platforms, cloud services and search engines in the future.

“Rapidly evolving digital technologies are changing the way EU citizens and businesses use the internet. This requires an update of the rights and obligations for all digital players, from markets and service providers to users and customers. But such changes could not take place at the cost of freedom of expression, which was always our priority”, said Bielan after the adoption of the reports today in Strasbourg.

Mr Bielan continued:

“The Digital Markets Act is a step forward and promotes more competition and fairness in markets that are currently dominated by large platforms. My priority now is turning the theory into action, ensuring that the Commission uses its powers to help small businesses and equip them with the skills and capabilities needed to capitalise on those opportunities, such as better access to data.

“With the Digital Services Act, we have achieved our goal. The online environment will now become much more transparent and users will be equipped with the tools they need to challenge any erroneous decisions that platforms might make, specifically with regard to the pulling-down of content.”

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