Bourgeois: Trade, technology and investment talks with India very welcome

"The European Parliament has now spoken positively about the ongoing trade talks between the EU and India, and it comes at just the right time", said ECR Rapporteur Geert Bourgeois after today’s adoption of an own-initiative report on EU-India future trade and investment cooperation.

“The EU urgently needs to conclude more new trade and investment agreements. More than ever, it is crucial to strengthen our open strategic autonomy by diversifying our supply lines if we want to secure our prosperity and create additional jobs. These trade and investment agreements, by bringing us closer to India’s booming economy, offer so many opportunities for European companies. Geopolitically, it’s hugely significant”, Mr Bourgeois added.

Mr Bourgeois continued:

“With this initiative and the related report on the Indo-Pacific trade and investment strategy by my fellow MEP Jan Zahradil, the ECR Group succeeds in steering and strategically reorienting EU trade policy towards a more offensive agenda. Diversification of supply chains has become essential for the European economy. Market access in India, a like-minded partner, will continue to grow in importance.

“It is now time to abolish the remaining tariffs and quotas, especially with regard to long-standing market access problems. The European Parliament now also endorses the establishment of a Trade and Technology Council with India. I very much welcome this close and future oriented cooperation between the EU and India on emerging technologies, clean tech and industry 4.0.”

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