Climate alarmism avoids difficult questions

MEPs have today backed a resolution declaring a 'climate and environment emergency' however ECR Group members have stressed that alarmism will not help answer the serious questions over tackling global emissions.

With the UN Climate Summit starting next week in Madrid where leaders are set to map out further commitments based on the Paris Agreement, there is need for a responsible debate on the future of our economies and industries. Raising the EU’s emissions targets before our recently agreed goals have been implemented sends completely the wrong message to business and ignores the concerns of communities and workers whose livelihoods are set to change dramatically.

Speaking after the vote, ECR Environment Spokesman Alexandr Vondra said:

“We are happy to work constructively to deliver ambitious climate and energy goals but we have a responsibility to our economies and to communities across the EU who will be the most affected by this dramatic industrial change. Ramping up the rhetoric does not get us away from the serious discussions that now need to take place.”

In the same resolution, MEPs also backed an ECR Group amendment calling for a single seat for the European Parliament. Despite claiming to be a carbon neutral institution, the 12 trips to Strasbourg each year are estimated to emit between 11,000 and 19,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Vondra continued:

“In declaring a climate emergency it’s important that MEPs get their own house in order and end the monthly travelling circus to Strasbourg. If we want voters to trust us on ambitious climate plans then public bodies like the European Parliament need to lead the way and show that we are playing our part.”

Coordinators in the Parliament’s environment committee should also decide next week whether to endorse the ECR Group’s request for an official European Parliament study into the environmental impact of operating the two seat campaign.

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