ECR Co-Chairmen strongly condemn violent attacks against the VOX party during a campaign event

ECR Co-Chairmen, Prof Ryszard Legutko and Raffaele Fitto, strongly condemn yesterday's violent attacks against the VOX party, an ECR group family member, during a campaign event in Madrid, Spain.

On Wednesday, April 7, hundreds of extreme-left protesters attacked VOX political leaders, supporters and police officers during an inaugural campaign event for the upcoming Madrid regional elections on 4th May. These shameful and reprehensible acts, in which dozens were injured, some hospitalized and others arrested, began with the throwing of stones and heavy objects at police officers and VOX supporters.

The ECR Group’s Co-Chairmen stated:

“The ECR group strongly condemns these violent attacks against a democratically elected political party, VOX, the third largest political force in Spain.

“Such serious incidents not only put at risk the safety of VOX supporters and campaigners, but they also seriously endanger our core values of democracy and freedom of speech. This is a direct attack against the Union as a whole; it is unacceptable in civilised society.

“We therefore call on the different leaders of the EU Institutions to publicly condemn these violent incidents, which have no place in 2021.

“To remain silent would show complicity with violence.”

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