ECR Group backs increase in EU budget to support Ukraine

The ECR Group supports increased funding for Ukraine, but believes that the chances of a fundamental revision of the budget have been missed.

Ahead of the vote on the revision of the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), the Ukraine Facility (UF) and the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (STEP), MEP and Budget Committee Chair Johan van Overtveldt said: “The revision of the MFF significantly increases support for Ukraine, which is very important. However, we should not completely cut funding for other programmes such as Horizon Europe. Investing in the future, especially in development and innovation, is of paramount importance. What we need is a thorough review of the entire budget. The current review actually came at a favourable time, but we missed the opportunity.”

ECR budget coordinator Bogdan Rzońca echoed these sentiments in his speech on the creation of the Ukraine Facility, which aims to provide consistent funding for Ukraine’s reconstruction and the new Strategic Technologies for Europe (STEP) platform which aims to support key projects focused on developing or manufacturing digital technologies, clean technologies, and biotechnologies in the EU:

“The provision of funds for Ukraine is a positive development and taking on €33 billion in new debt to support the country is a significant commitment. But while we are tackling one challenge, we cannot risk exacerbating another”.

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