ECR Group on the addictive design of online services: Parents have a responsibility too

The ECR Group in the European Parliament today supported a motion in the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee to make digital platforms less addictive, especially for young people.

“We support a digital environment in which minors and young people can develop in a protected way by developing skills and engaging with the internet”, said ECR IMCO coordinator Adam Bielan. In the same breath, however, he warns against over-prescriptive regulation.

Bielan continued:

“We in the ECR group would like to stress that some of the specific recommendations go too far and could potentially be perceived as intrusive. We strongly believe that parents should be the primary advocates for digital wellbeing and that legislative action should be based on extensive scientific research.

“We expect and insist that recommendations are formulated through a collaborative approach, drawing on the knowledge of national experts and the Commission. Our commitment is unwavering: we will push for a strategy that protects our young users while respecting individual rights and freedoms.”

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