ECR MEPs sign Charter of Values in Subiaco

ECR MEPs signed a Charter of Values in Subiaco, Italy, today, reaffirming core values of the conservative political family.

ECR delegates convened in Subiaco, a place of outstanding spiritual and cultural importance for Europe, to attend the event “Rooted in Principles, Stronger Future – The Legacy of Saint Benedict in the Values of European Conservatism” to discuss the core values of their political family and take part in local celebrations in honour of St Benedict of Nursia.

Speaking at today’s event, ECR Co-President Nicola Procaccini remembered the legacy of Saint Benedict in Europe:

“On the day we celebrate St Benedict, the patron Saint of Europe, we are here to remember that Europe was born thanks to the Benedictines who preserved Europe’s classical and religious culture, creating a true political unity. A political unity that today has forgotten these teachings and does not give the Patron of Europe due recognition within the Parliament’s walls in Brussels.”

Mr Procaccini emphasised the importance of protecting the core, conservative values in today’s Europe: “We, conservatives, want to protect the classical values and the Judeo-Christian roots that are decisive for the formation of the EU to come. Forgetting the past, as the mainstream ‘cancel culture’ would have it, means jeopardising the future.”

At a time when classical conservative culture is being challenged by the increasing imposition of a ‘woke’ ideology, the ECR Group has come together to reaffirm the importance of preserving the fundamental values that characterise our European thinking.

The Charter of Values of the European Conservatives are a series of fundamental principles that define conservatism and the commitment to promoting a stable, just and harmonious community.


Read the full charter of values here.

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