ECR Statement on the democracy movement’s success during Hong Kong elections

The ECR congratulates the democracy movement on its overwhelming success in the Hong Kong district elections, where an unprecedented turnout of voters endorsed its programme.

We therefore urge the Chinese government in Beijing in accordance with the status of “one country, two systems” to fully respect the outcome of the elections and to respond positively to the clearly expressed views of the people of Hong Kong.

Not only should Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy be preserved in line with the Basic Law and international commitments, including the Sino – British Joint Declaration of 1984, but the opportunity should now be seized to enhance democracy by meeting the protestors’ reasonable demands. These include the release of protestors from custody, establishment of an independent commission into police conduct,

At the same time we call for de-escalation and a positive response from the Hong Kong authorities, as well as assurances from their side that there will be no persecution of those involved in protest.

We call for Joshua Wong and other protest leaders to have the freedom to travel, and return, and to speak to international audiences including the European Parliament concerning their activities.

We believe these steps will be good for both China and Hong Kong in the long run.

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