Effective multilateralism needed more than ever in Afghanistan

The ECR Group endorses the European Parliament's resolution on the situation in Afghanistan, which deplores the violent takeover by the Taliban and expresses strong concerns about the future of the country.

The MEPs stress their refusal to recognise the interim all-male Taliban government, made up of 33 mullahs, with many under US and UN sanctions and wanted for terror activities. The resolution also condemns the deadly terrorist attack at Kabul International Airport perpetrated by ISIS-K and insists that the Taliban must prevent al-Qaeda, Da’esh or any other terror group from taking hold in Afghanistan. ECR Coordinator in the Committee on Foreign Affairs Anna Fotyga believes that after the international withdrawal from Afghanistan, effective multilateralism and close coordination by the international community are needed more than ever.

Speaking in plenary on behalf of the Group, Ms Fotyga said:

“We must draw conclusions from lessons learned in Afghanistan: Multilateralism is the right answer to solve the problem. We need to make the broadest effort possible and prepare a joint strategy for Afghanistan. The EU cannot do it alone. This is a case the international community should act on by using the most suited means.

“I remind you that it was the United Nations that decided to get involved in Afghanistan. The engagement was described in a resolution that was adopted unanimously by the UN. The goal was to combat the threat to world peace and security and to achieve this with all available might. I regret that not all UN members supported our efforts.”

Ms Fotyga cited NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who said that throughout 20 years Afghanistan had ceased to be a source of terrorism for the Euro-Atlantic territory.

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