EU4Health will make a significant contribution to the process of gradual return to the “new reality”

EU4Health will make a significant contribution to the process of gradual return to the "new reality" after the pandemic

The ECR Group in the European Parliament believes that the new stand-alone EU4Health Programme for 2021-2027 will make a sizeable contribution to the process of a post-pandemic “new reality”. ECR Group Shadow Rapporteur Joanna Kopcińska believes that the programme, part of the wider EU recovery package, will provide the tools and capacities to better prepare for future health crises while, at the same time, respecting existing treaty parameters in the area of public health and without interfering with the architecture of Member States’ public health systems.

Speaking in today’s plenary session, Ms Kopcińska said:

“Failure is a success if we learn a lesson from it. I believe that we Europeans will overcome the pandemic and I am fully convinced that EU4Health will make a significant contribution to the gradual return to a new reality.”

With a budget of 5.1 billion Euros, EU4Health will support national policies, as well as improving cooperation on health strategies and disease prevention between Member States. The programme aims to protect people from serious cross-border health threats by supporting global commitments and health initiatives lead by international organisations. The programme will also bolster national stockpiling of crisis relevant products at the EU level.

Moreover, EU4Health includes a strong governance mechanism, with Member States performing a pivotal role in the establishment of its annual work programmes as well as monitoring its overall implementation.

It is often said that to win a war, you have to lose a battle sometimes. I believe that Europe will ultimately win, despite previous setbacks”, Ms Kopcińska added.

The inter-institutional agreement was adopted in plenary on Tuesday, 9 March, with 631 votes in favour, 32 against and 34 abstensions.

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