EU driving licences: Compulsory uniform medical tests are unnecessary

In today's vote on EU driving licences, the ECR Group took a clear stand against compulsory uniform medical tests.

Speaking after the vote, ECR shadow rapporteur Peter Lundgren said: “There are different systems in the Member States that work. We do not need a single European solution to a problem that does not exist”.

However, the ECR welcomed the lowering of the age limit for bus and lorry drivers to 18.

“Recognising the pressing issue of a significant shortage of professional drivers across Europe is a positive step forward in removing key barriers that have traditionally discouraged individuals from considering a career in bus and truck driving,” said Lundgren.

But this was not enough to get the ECR to agree.

Lundgren said:

“Today’s vote on the driving licence directive was very complex and marked by the efforts of the Green rapporteur, Karima Delli, to link the directive closely to an environmental agenda that is actually unrelated.

“The amendments tabled by the ECR and the EPP at least succeeded in getting accompanied driving approved. In addition, unnecessary additions to the original draft, such as the introduction of a penalty point system and the performance limits for novice category B drivers, have been dropped.

“I foresee difficult negotiations for the trilogue, especially on the compulsory medical examination, as Member States will certainly not like to see their competences infringed. I even expect that in the end we will have a result that is in line with that of the ECR Group”.

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