EU must take stand against Hezbollah, say ECR MEPs

The ECR Group in the European Parliament strongly welcomes the adoption of the resolution on the situation in Lebanon.

In the text, MEPs expressed deep concern about the country’s current crisis, calling for swift national elections as well as for sanctions against the Lebanese political and financial elite responsible for the dire state of affairs in the country. According to the Deputies, the international community must provide financial support to Lebanon and to the Lebanese armed forces to prevent a further collapse of the country and state institutions.

The ECR Group endorses the European Parliament’s view that Hezbollah is responsiblefor Lebanon’s devastating political and economic crisis and the repression of the 2019 popular movement. For the first time, MEPs have recognised the organisation’s strong ideological allegiance with Iran which acts to destabilise Lebanon.

Speaking after the vote, ECR Foreign Affairs Coordinator MEP Anna Fotyga said:

“Ever since former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri’s assassination, Lebanon has been in turmoil and in Hezbollah’s tight grip. I strongly welcome the wording on Hezbollah’s destabilising role in Lebanon and the organisation’s terrorist links. Hezbollah is truly one of the key players responsible for Lebanon’s dire political, social and financial crisis.

“We would like to express our solidarity to all Lebanese people affected by the current crisis, including by the Beirut port blast, and stress that there cannot be impunity for members of the Lebanese political elite responsible for the national tragedy.

“We welcome the Council Decision to establish a framework for targeted sanctions against the Lebanese political and financial elite who seek to obstruct or undermine the democratic political process in Lebanon, the fight against corruption or who continue to stonewall the need for urgent reforms in the country’s public sectors.”

Standing ECR Shadow Rapporteur on Lebanon MEP Charlie Weimers added:

“I warmly welcome the resolution’s blunt wording on Hezbollah, which is a great improvement compared to all previous resolutions and reports concerning Lebanon. It greatly challenges the left-liberal groups to come to terms with Hezbollah’s true terrorist nature and to do away with the made-up distinction between the so-called military and political wings of the organisation. It is a distinction that is strongly denied by Hezbollah’s deputy leader, Naim Qassem, himself who stresses that Hezbollah has one single leadership and that no distinction between wings exists.

“I would like to express my sincere solidarity to all Lebanese impacted by the Beirut port blast, in particular those living in the vibrant Christian neighbourhoods that were most affected, and I strongly call for all those responsible to be held accountable without delay.”

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