European Parliament excessively dogmatic on new EU buildings directive

The ECR Group believes that the provisions of the proposed EU Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings, as adopted today in Strasbourg, will be burdensome to most citizens.

According to Ladislav Ilčić, who is the ECR Group’s Shadow Rapporteur on the file, renovations – and especially deep renovations – that will need high initial investment, will have to be borne by consumers.

Speaking in the debate, Mr Ilčić opposed saddling Europeans with these extra costs, saying: “The file doesn’t see citizens and Member States as partners, but as children to be forced into a dogmatic, green approach.”

In addition to his criticism of the Parliament’s inflexibility in setting the targets a little lower, especially in times of inflation, economic crisis, energy price volatility and general instability, Ilčić also warned that the majority in the European Parliament would try to shift the focus of the text from energy efficiency to CO2 neutrality:

“There is an obsession with the ultimate goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions, while ignoring reality and a whole range of quality, intermediate steps needed to achieve this goal. Instead of incentivising better energy efficiency, this report is creating a club that forces everyone solely to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Furthermore, according to Ilčić, the proposed measures could conflict with the need to preserve cultural heritage. This is particularly relevant in cases where external thermal insulation is to be installed.

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