European Parliament propels plant innovation

MEPs have adopted ECR Rapporteur Bert-Jan Ruissen's report to boost development of new flower bulbs, asparagus, woody small fruits and woody ornamental plants in the EU.

Plant breeder’s rights that regulate the financial compensation for plant breeders are now to be extended by five years from 25 to 30 years.

Speaking after the vote, Mr Ruissen said:

“This EU agreement gives plant breeders more time to recoup their investment and will boost the introduction of new varieties of flower bulbs, asparagus and woody plants. It will inspire innovation to make such plants increasingly resistant to diseases and pests.”

Ruissen, who holds a degree in agricultural plant sciences, added:

“The extension will contribute to further sustainability of agriculture and horticulture and will benefit breeders, growers, farmers, and consumers at large.”

The Parliament adopted the text with a large majority (641 in favour, 38 against, 8 abstentions). MEPs voted on Monday with the result announced on Tuesday morning.

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