Fisheries Committee

17 December 2013

Fisheries Committee

The European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee is responsible for scrutinising the EU's Common Fisheries Policy and other aspects of maritime development.


The European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee is responsible for scrutinising the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy and other aspects of maritime development.


Common Fisheries Policy

The ECR played a major role in shaping the new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in the 2009 – 2014 mandate. We will continue to build on this success with the same passion and engagement by securing further changes to European fisheries policies that will be in the interests of the industry, consumers, fishing communities, and the environment. Our efforts to ensure that Member States have greater powers in fisheries sector, than Brussels bureaucrats, were successful. Under the principle of regionalisation powers will be devolved back to Member States, allowing greater flexibility on the implementation of the CFP based on regional and local circumstances. Our aim is to give local stakeholders a bigger say in the future of the fishing industry in order to help sustain jobs and local economies.

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

With the ECR support EMFF is now more efficient and simpler to access for potential beneficiaries such as fishermen and coastal communities. It aims to promote more sustainable fishing; supports coastal communities in economic diversification; finance projects in coastal communities; and makes it easier to access financing.

The ECR fought hard to ensure the fund is used fairly, achieves greater sustainability, and is not used to help large fishing nations subsidise their fleets and build bigger boats. Through our work on reforms to the EMFF we are helping coastal communities to innovate and become more competitive.


ECR Members of the PECH Committee:

  • Peter VAN DALEN MEP (NL), ECR Coordinator
  • Ruža TOMAŠIĆ MEP (HR), ECR Deputy Coordinator
  • Substitute Members:
  • John FLACK MEP (UK)
  • Baroness MOBARIK (UK)
  • Czesław HOC MEP (PL)




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