Fotyga condemns brutal crackdown by Iranian authorities

ECR Group Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Anna Fotyga MEP has condemned the use of lethal force by the Iranian regime against activists and demonstrators.

The current protests, which were sparked by a sudden rise in fuel prices, have taken place in cities across the country. International human rights organisations have claimed at least 106 people have been killed with suggestions that the figure could be as high as 200. Video footage also shows security services using firearms, water cannons and tear gas to quell the unrest.

Condemning the brutal use of force by the Iranian Authorities, Fotyga said:

“I strongly condemn the use of lethal force by the regime in Teheran against the people of Iran.

“The democratic world cannot cooperate with a regime actively engaged in murdering its own people for the ‘crime’ of seeking greater freedom and prosperity. This barbaric clampdown against protesters, massive arrests and shutdown of the internet shows that the regime prioritizes its personal power and wealth at the expense of its own people.

“The personal responsibility of Ayatollahs and members of the Revolutionary Guards for the bloodshed is clear and justice should be delivered. I call the VP/HR for a strong and firm action.”

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