Full statement by ECR Group Co-Chairman Raffaele Fitto during on the primacy of EU law

Primacy of EU Law "an attempt by the European institutions to change the course of a legitimately elected government", says ECR Co-Chair Fitto.

Read the full statement made by ECR Group Co-Chairman Raffaele Fitto during today’s debate on the primacy of EU law:

“I am pleased to be here debating to support the position of the Polish government, as this parliamentary debate is truly surreal.

It will be the fifteenth or twentieth time that we discuss Poland. There’s no other topic that has had the same level of attention and interest from the European Parliament.

I do not want to repeat the specific technical considerations that have already been made, neither on the legal judgments made in other countries, nor as regards the total lack of fairness of judgment by all European Institutions, because here we are in the presence of a debate that is very clearly of a political nature.

Why shouldn’t we compare the decision of the Polish Tribunal with legal decisions made in Poland itself in 2005, or similar decisions made in any other national constitutional court, as has been suggested several times?

But, above all, there’s a refusal on the part of many to remember that in other countries there have been very clear decisions made in this sense that call into question the same principle. Well, here we are talking about politics. The speeches that I’ve heard are all political. It’s like the beginning of an election campaign – an attempt by the European Institutions to change the course of a legitimately elected government in Poland, through serious acts of interference.

We should, instead, be talking about the instrumentalization of the judiciary in politics. It’s important that we talk about other topics.

Here today, I’ve heard many references to Putin and to Russia, while the Conference of Presidents has rejected our proposal to discuss the NordStream 2 pipeline six times, for example.

There must be a reason why on this issue there is no will to speak in the Plenary. But instead, we’re talking about politics. It seems to me that this debate is the umpteenth own goal by European Institutions that want to instrumentalize European events to attack a legitimately elected government”.

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