Gas and nuclear part of the solution

The ECR Group has signalled full support for the European Commission's proposal to include nuclear energy and fossil gas in the so-called "Taxonomy Regulation".

Following today’s publication of the EU taxonomy complementary climate delegated act to accelerate decarbonisation, ECR Coordinator in the Committee on the Environment Alexandr Vondra commented:

“Two years ago, ‘nuclear’ was a swearword in the EU. Today, the European Commission has recognized it as a clean resource - and not just temporarily. The Commission also announced it would give way to natural gas to facilitate the energy transition without unnecessary restrictions. Our common objective is to step up the transition to achieve climate neutrality by drawing on all possible solutions to help us reach our climate goals. Gas and nuclear are part of these solutions.”

ECR Coordinator on the Budget Committee Bogdan Rzońca said:

“We hope that the climate-compatible energy transition will now deliver the growth opportunities it promised and be feasible in every European region.”

“It is important that we achieve a sustainable transition that can effectively offset CO2 emissions without jeopardising the stability of our energy supply, competitiveness or jobs. At the same time, in order to excel in this energy transition we also need to encourage competition between the different energy sources at our disposal. This will benefit private investment.”

“Gas and nuclear can provide a stable and affordable energy supply and reduce emissions rapidly if they are given adequate access to the necessary capital.”

Over the next four months, the European Parliament and the Council will examine the delegated act on taxonomy. The ECR Group will work for a swift adoption of the document.

“Realistically, there are no technological alternatives to the present draft. If CO2 emissions are to be urgently cut, there is nothing else but to work with gas-fired power plants as a bridge technology and nuclear power for basic supply - at least as long as no miracle technology is available to us”, Mr Vondra added.

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