Gericke: Time to call off effort to reintroduce German threshold through the back door

German Family Party MEP Arne Gericke has called on Socialist MEP Jo Leinen to withdraw his efforts to reintroduce a German electoral threshold by the back door, after voting on his report on EU electoral law was postponed by the European Parliament today.

The report seeks to “Europeanise” elections with harmonised voting ages, the creation of an EU electoral authority, and logos of European political parties being placed on ballot papers. It also seeks to reintroduce a threshold in European elections that had previously existed in Germany, but was struck down by the Constitutional Court. By scrapping the threshold, Germans were able to elect MEPs from smaller parties for the first time, including Mr Gericke himself, and ensure a more pluralistic representation of MEPs.

Responding to the decision to postpone the vote until next month, Mr Gericke said:
“Jo Leinen has for the time being failed with his undemocratic ‘Lex Germania’ to reintroduce a national German threshold through the European backdoor.
“This discussion has never been about European values, nor about more democracy. It’s about the German Socialist Party. It’s about seven seats they want to get back from us without election. This threshold is just an arbitrary act.”

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