Good news for travellers as roaming charges end today

Good news as roaming charges end across the EU today.

Good news as roaming charges end across the EU today. ECR MEPs, who have strongly supported this move in the European Parliament, welcome the end to shock phone bills for people travelling to other EU countries from the UK.

From June 15th phone operators will automatically end roaming charges so that calls, texts and data will not face any extra charges for using their phones when travelling in other EU countries.

Conservative MEPs Leader, Ashley Fox, said: “This is good news for holidaymakers this summer as they won’t be faced with ridiculous charges to use their phones elsewhere in Europe. Holidays and trips abroad are already expensive enough without worrying about your phone bill.”

“Making calls, sending texts and using data will now come under domestic packages – consumers won’t be charged any extra while travelling in the EU. It has taken a long time to get to this point, but people can finally have the confidence to use their phones abroad with no surprise bills when they come home.”

“There are safeguards in place to ensure that the system isn’t abused, balancing the benefits for consumers while preventing phone companies incurring losses.”

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