Helga Stevens on Poland

Helga Stevens MEP comments on the Commission's response to developments in Poland.

Clarifying her view on the Rule of Law situation in Poland, ECR Candidate for European Parliament President, Helga Stevens MEP, said:

“My position on the rule of law has always been the same as the longstanding ECR Group position: if there is an allegation of a breach of the rule of law, the European Commission should act as Guardian of the Treaties, but in a non-partisan and factual manner. I have said the same about other recent cases such as in Hungary, and I would say the same if the country in question was Belgium. However, the format of the debate did not allow me to make it clear that I did not accept the premise of the journalist’s question, as I do not believe the European Commission has acted fairly in recent months, singling out Poland above other countries in a partisan attack while some founder EU countries have specifically been allowed to break rules. If I were elected as President of the European Parliament, I would treat all countries equally and fairly whether the largest or the smallest, a founder member state, or the newest entrant.”

Mrs Stevens also addressed the issue during a Facebook Live conversation. Watch the rerun at https://www.facebook.com/ECRgroupEU/

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