Humanitarian aid for developing countries must be linked to peace building

Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world food situation is shaken. The European Parliament has called for more to be done to improve food security in developing countries.

ECR Group MEP Beata Kempa, speaking after the unanimous adoption of her Initiative report on the subject in the Committee on Development, pointed out that “it is the poor and more vulnerable in unstable countries who suffer most from the drastic increase in food prices.” Conflict is the most common cause of food insecurity. “We therefore call for humanitarian aid to be better linked to development assistance and peacebuilding. It is also essential to promote better access to markets, to secure land tenure for smallholder farmers and women and to improve their access to technology and innovation”, Ms Kempa said.

Ms Kempa added: “Malnutrition in our time is an unacceptable shame. I hope the EU will maintain its leading role in the fight against hunger”.

“The European Union has the resources and capabilities to address the current challenges. However, they must be used in a targeted way”, Ms Kempa concluded.

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