Jobs Commissioner hearing: We should only promise what we can actually deliver

The European Parliament’s committee on Employment and Social Affairs questioned Nicolas Schmit, commissioner-designate for the Jobs portfolio.

Chairing the session, ECR MEP Lucia Ďuriš Nicholsonová, emphasized two tasks of Commissioner designate: “The development of a Child guarantee, which I do hope that will protect the most vulnerable of our citizen: Children, especially those from disadvantaged environment, often found among ethnic minorities and socially excluded communities.

Nicholsonová further expressed her hope that the European Labour Authority will quickly become operational as its seat is to be based in Bratislava, Slovakia, the country that she represents.

She has also welcomed the data based approach evidence Mr. Schmit pledged himself to follow. However, as Chair of Parliament’s Employment Committee Nicholsonová also emphasised that almost the whole hearing was one-sidedly focused on social rights while jobs creation was left behind. She continued: “Creating jobs is the best way how to accomplish social cohesion, and when we talk about the social inclusion, we should not forget the most important and supportive task is the inclusion of disadvantaged in the labour market.”

Nicholsonová also cautioned against over-promising on commitments and concluded a hearing with a strong message: “In times of deepening conflict lines within the society and rise of extremism, we need to lead by example and promise only what we can actually deliver.”

During the Hearing Polish MEP and ECR Employment and Social Affairs Coordinator Elżbieta Rafalska said that one of the priorities of the new European Commission should be supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and employee mobility. Among the proposed changes made by the commission, she listed provisions that could directly increase bureaucracy and the burden on entrepreneurs. “We would like to ask you if you envisage reviewing provisions hindering competitiveness on the EU market and the mobility that is being talked about so much”, Rafalska said.

Voting on the new College of Commissioners is set to take place on October 23 during the next EP plenary session in Strasbourg.

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