Kamall congratulates Tajani on his election

Syed Kamall MEP welcomes the election of Antonio Tajani as President of the European Parliament.

Speaking on the election of Antonio Tajani as President of the European Parliament, European Conservatives and Reformists leader Syed Kamall said:

“We congratulate Antonio on being elected President after a long day.

“The ECR Group was eventually satisfied by clear assurances that Mr Tajani will act as a neutral speaker of the parliament, and not as a Prime Minister figure. We intend to hold him to that promise.

“The ECR was not willing to sign up to the agreement between the EPP and ALDE. However, we have also made it clear that we stand ready to work with any political group that supports reform based on our founding Prague Declaration principles. If we can now work together to seek a centre-right coalition on economic issues in the future then that can only be a positive thing for the European Union’s economy and we stand ready to cooperate.

“The ECR has been incredibly proud of the campaign that Helga Stevens ran for this position. That campaign may be over now, but its message of respecting the voice of every MEP – reflecting every EU citizen – is one that the ECR will continue to uphold in the years ahead.”

Notes: Tajani’s statement can be found at http://www.eppgroup.eu/press-release/Declaration-by-Antonio-Tajani%2C-candidate-for-EP-Presidency#sidr-main
To view the ECR Prague Declaration, go to: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prague_Declaration_of_European_Conservatives_and_Reformists

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