Kempa: EU must continue to lead in fight against global hunger

With an overwhelming majority, the European Parliament has adopted ECR MEP Beata Kempa's own-initiative report calling for a stronger EU role in the fight against global hunger.

During yesterday’s debate, Ms Kempa said, “Putin’s Russia is currently exporting hunger to the entire world. In connection with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, food security in developing countries has become an issue in recent months. 1.7 billion people in 107 countries are affected by the famine that results from the war in Ukraine”. For this reason, “the European Union should implement a more coordinated approach to tackle all forms of malnutrition by integrating the humanitarian goal of saving lives in crises with a more long-term focus on preventing all forms of malnutrition”, she explained.

Ms Kempa continued:

“It is necessary to promote better access to markets and secure land ownership for small farmers and women in developing countries, as well as increasing their access to technology and innovation.

“It is vital to increase the income of small farmers as well as the levels of employment in rural areas, as these aspects are fundamental in the fight against poverty and the strengthening of rural communities’ resilience.”

Ms Kempa recalled that EU investments and interventions should be based on a thorough initial assessment in order to develop equitable actions and strengthen local capacities, including those of non-state authorities. “The EU policy to improve food security should be tailored to local needs and take into account the diversity of food systems around the world”, she said.

The report also highlights the problem of food waste, which contributes to global food insecurity and malnutrition, and argues that the European Union should step up its efforts to reduce food waste.

“Malnutrition in our time is an unacceptable shame, but the European Union has the resources and capabilities to tackle it”, Ms Kempa concluded.

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