Kosma Złotowski: Family businesses deserve better support

In the annual debate on the state of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the European Union, ECR MEP Kosma Złotowski pointed out the need for policies that allow SMEs to recover from the current crisis and to better contribute to the digital transition in the future.

In the opinion of the conservative MEP, the specific situation of family businesses should also be taken into account. “Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of the European economy in almost all its sectors, including the area of digitalisation, which is too often forgotten about. SMEs refers to family businesses too and they deserve our special attention”, Mr Złotowski said, linking this with a call to avoid unnecessary non-tariff barriers and growing red tape.

Mr Złotowski continued:

“Despite the declarations that we often hear in this Chamber, the situation of SMEs is steadily deteriorating thanks to the pandemic, and now, in the face of rising energy prices. Moreover, their activities in the single market are hampered by unnecessary non-tariff barriers and protectionism, especially when it comes to transport companies or businesses offering services.

“Many entrepreneurs cannot cope with the bureaucracy piling up and the overly complicated mechanism for obtaining European funds, which prevents them from adapting quickly to the requirements of the digital economy. We need to pay more attention to these issues when designing new legislation.

“SMEs will create innovative products and services so long as we create the right conditions for them. When working on the Artificial Intelligence Act or the Data Act, we must bear this in mind and reduce the administrative requirements for small and medium-sized companies and the resulting costs, to a minimum.”

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