Legutko and Fitto to stay on as ECR Group Co-Chairmen

MEPs of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) have voted to extend the Co-Chairmanships of Prof Ryszard Legutko (Poland) and Raffaele Fitto (Italy).

During an ECR Group meeting held today, other positions were also voted on: Assita Kanko (Belgium), Peter Lundgren (Sweden), Robert Roos (the Netherlands), Beata Szydlo (Poland), Hermann Tertsch (Spain) and Roberts Zile (Latvia) have been elected Vice-Presidents of the Group. Angel Dzhambazki (Bulgaria) and Kosma Zlotowski (Poland) will act as Group Co-Treasurers.

The Group then also nominated Latvian MEP Roberts Zile as candidate for the ECR Position of one of the 14 vice-presidents of the European Parliament, and Polish MEP Karol Karski as the ECR candidate for one of the five Quaestors of the European Parliament.

Speaking in the meeting, Raffaele Fitto said: “We represent the conservative voice in the European Parliament and will continue to fight for a strong and united Europe of sovereign nations”.

Prof Ryszard Legutko added: “The ECR Group is to become the house of democratic conservatives in the European Parliament, the group that upholds the values on which the European Union was founded.”

Last week, Polish ECR MEP Kosma Złotowski was nominated as the ECR Group’s candidate for President of the European Parliament.

Fitto and Legutko were the only candidates for the Co-Chairmanships of the Group.

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